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The map of Toontown is a page in the Shticker Book that shows every known location in the world of Toontown. Toons can teleport to any location in Toontown upon gaining teleport access to a playground by completing ToonTasks, as well as gaining teleport access to a Cog headquarters by reaching level 12-13 on the specific Cog Disguise.

The map shows the following areas:


Main page: The cloud

A mysterious cloud crept up just off the outskirts of Minnie's Melodyland, revealing that there is a new and undiscovered area, which appeared on the map since May 3, 2015. A blog post published by Hysterical Harry on August 26, 2019 confirms that the Toon Council once stated that they will be building a new playground under the cloud one day.


  • In early development of Toontown Online, there were three areas named Funny Farm, Goofy Stadium, and Construction Zone planned that did not make it into the game, but appeared in the original map when it was first conceptualized.[1] Goofy Stadium was going to be an entire playground rather than a place to race; due to limitations, the developers were unable to create it and eventually reworked it into Goofy Speedway.
    • In the original plan, all four Cog headquarters were also positioned in different locations when compared to the in-game layout. Sellbot HQ was to the north-east of The Brrrgh (where Lawbot HQ is in-game), Bossbot HQ was to the left of Donald's Dreamland (where Cashbot HQ is in-game), Lawbot HQ was east of the Construction Zone (where Bossbot HQ and by extension, Acorn Acres, is in-game) and Cashbot HQ was to the west of Daisy Gardens (where Sellbot HQ is in-game).
      • Three out of the four HQs also had drastically different looks to them. Lawbot HQ looked identical to a Lawbot Cog Building with large gavels next to it, Cashbot HQ had no railways coming out of it, and Bossbot HQ had a clock on the front of its main building. The only headquarters that bears any resemblance to how it finally appeared is Sellbot HQ, as it had the Sellbot Towers shaped after the Sellbot logo; there was also a small building next to them which may have been the Sellbot Factory.
        • Parts of these old designs can still be seen on the final Toontown map, albeit blurred out. The red grass surrounding where Construction Zone used to be can still be seen blurred out around the perimeter of Acorn Acres. Parts of the old Bossbot HQ and Sellbot HQ can be seen blurred out behind Cashbot HQ and Lawbot HQ respectively. The old Lawbot HQ can also be seen in plain view next to Bossbot HQ, also blurred out. Other remnants, such as the old Cashbot HQ, Funny Farm, and the old Toontown Central are covered up almost completely with only small traces to prove their existence remaining, such as the odd placement of a street protruding out of Toon Hall towards Minnie's Melodyland or the dark purple grass around Sellbot HQ.
  • Despite the Cartoonival Grounds being essentially a whole new area, it does not appear on the map. However, Toons can teleport to the area directly with the click of a button whenever the event occurs.
  • Due to feedback from the Toontown community, a high quality version of the map was released in an update on September 18, 2019.[2]