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Toontown Rewritten is a community server for Disney's now-closed game, Toontown Online. Toontown Rewritten is currently in development and only people with access to a valid registration key can sign up for Alpha Testing. When the game is released to the public, everyone will be able to play.

Toontown Rewritten (Current Alpha Version)

During Daily Alpha Updates and Super Saturday Updates, The TTR Crew updates the alpha version of Toontown Rewritten as they release new in-game updates and fixing bugs.

December 16, 2013 [ttr-alpha-g8c04c18]


• Code cleanup on loading system for interiors


• Sort clickable objects by how far away they are, making them a bit more responsive and less
• Fix nametag coloring for click/hover.
• Fix whisper colors.


• Flippy ran out of paint and went home. Flip for Flippy at the elections!
• Shopkeepers have moved into their stores in Toontown Central! Be sure to stop by and give them a wave for their grand opening.
• Donald's Dock is the real first playground to finish construction! The shopkeepers aren't in yet, but feel free to browse their stores.

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