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==Welcome to the Toontown Rewritten Wiki!==
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Toontown Rewritten is a community server for Disney's now-closed game, Toontown Online.
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Toontown Rewritten is currently in development and only people with access to a valid registration key can sign up for Alpha Testing. When the game is released to the public, everyone will be able to play.
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==Toontown Rewritten Alpha Version==
During daily alpha updates, Sir Max and the developers update the alpha version of Toontown Rewritten as they release new in-game updates.
<font face= size="4">November 6, 2013 [ttr-alpha-g1f22c50] </font>
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'''<u>Maintenance: </u>'''
• Send the server information whenever a client crashes
• Possibly fix some timers being off-sync
• Possibly fix issues where toons would appear to jump or lag to different positions rather than smoothly running. Most noticeable in Tag Game.
'''<u>Features: </u>'''
• Use melted Ice Rink to build Treasure Dive
• Upgrade all rods to Bamboo
~ Sir Max, Head Developer of Toontown Rewritten
==Important Pages==
The Toontown Rewritten Wiki will have every important thing Toontown Rewritten has on the website like the News for whenever an update is released.
*[ F.A.Q]
*[ News]
*[ Admins]
==Page Lists==
The Toontown Rewritten Wiki will most likely have everything Toontown Rewritten has on the website such as the F.A.Q.
*[ F.A.Q]
*[ News]
*[ Admins]
*[ Districts]
*[ Toontown Rewritten Images]

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What's this wiki all about?

The Toontown Rewritten Wiki is an encyclopedia that was created to cover every single piece of information about the most "Toontastic" massively multiplayer online game, Toontown Rewritten. From goofy gags to fearsome Cogs, this wiki has it all and is what we anticipate to be any Toon's go-to site for learning something new about Toontown!

With the help of our amazing users who have contributed to produce exactly 2,371 pages since September 21, 2013, the Toontown Rewritten Wiki continues to offer a large chunk of awesome content. By signing up for an account, anyone can join in on the fun!

Helping Out
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The Toontown Rewritten Wiki is in need of receiving a Toon-up, and you can help out by creating or expanding some of our pages! Below are two major aspects of work that could use some attention:
  • Number of stubs: 151
  • Number of pages missing images: 5

Be sure to also check out the "Insights" and "Community" pages for more useful information in regards to other incomplete tasks as well. Every user's contribution is an essential part of making the Toontown Rewritten Wiki a successful project.

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