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{{Header|Helping Out|{{Helping Out}}}}
{{Header|Featured Article|{{Featured Article}}}}
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<span style="color:red;"><font face= "Imprint MT Shadow" size="5">'''Only <span class="countdowndate">September 19 2014 00:02:00</span> until Toontown Rewritten is open to the public!'''</font></span>
<span class="post-countdown" style="display:none;">Toontown Rewritten is now open to the public! [ Click here to create an account for free!]</span>
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!<span style="text-decoration:blink; font-size:16pt;"|Attention all users!
|style="font-size:12pt; font-weight:bold;"|Please do not ask for alpha keys or beta keys on the wiki. Nobody on the wiki has a way to give you a key, nor does the Administrators of the wiki. None of the [[Admins|Toontown Rewritten team members]] work at this wiki. The wiki is no place to get a key for Toontown Rewritten's Alpha or Beta stages.
|'''Important Links:'''
|[[User blog:Manulik/Answers To Your Beta Key Questions|Answers To Your Beta Key Questions]] • [[User blog:Manulik/How To Contact Support|Contacting Support]]
|''Please read these pages before editing!''
<center>{{ToonFest Invitation}}</center>
Toontown Rewritten is a community server for Disney's now-closed game, Toontown Online.
Toontown Rewritten is currently in development and only people with access to a valid [[Testing_Keys|registration key]] could sign up for Alpha and Beta. Toontown Rewritten entered Alpha on October 28, 2013 and entered Beta on May 17, 2014. When Toontown Rewritten is ready for the public launch, everyone will be able to play the game.
If you require any questions for Toontown Rewritten, please email them at ''[]''.
The Toontown Rewritten Wiki is in its early stages, just like the game itself. That means this wiki was created at the time Toontown Rewritten was first announced and the entire wiki is not completed yet, but it will be worked on as Toontown Rewritten gets closer to the public launch and the year progresses.
==Regards Towards Vandalism==
Any person found to be vandalising will be banned for three days, and be added to the [[Cautions|Caution]] page. After several bans, the user will receive a permanent ban.
==Current Beta Version==
Toontown Rewritten has certain versions of their Beta testing and the version changes every few days when they are releasing updates. Below will provide the current Beta version of Toontown Rewritten. For previous updates, click [[:Category:Release Notes|here]].
==='''August 17, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.4.1]'''===
:• Overall code cleanup.
:• Fix a glitch allowing Toons to be invisible outside of their estate.
:• Fix a crash when walking up to a Knock-knock Door.
:• Fix an exploit allowing locked animations to be purchased.
:• Prevent a server crash relating to house decoration.
:• Use the proper font for Cog Boss speech.
:• Correct a few typos in ToonTask dialogue and Cog speech.
:• Decrease initial scale of the phone.
:• Interactable items (Phone, Bean Bank, etc.) can now be placed in the attic.
:• Change the default bank name to "Jellybean Bank" -- 1000 Bean Banks are no longer used as per a Disney update.
==TTR News==
<font face= size="4">'''Stay tooned for more news!'''
The wiki will have a poll here on the Home page to entertain users on a certain subject.
<poll>Are you going to ToonFest?
Of course!
Only if Joey's there.
<center>View the previous poll results '''[[Polls|HERE]]'''.</center>
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For more Toontown experiences, visit:
[[File:Toontown_Wiki_Logo.png|link=]] [[File:ToonFest_Test_Wiki_Logo.png|link=]]

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What's this wiki all about?

The Toontown Rewritten Wiki is an encyclopedia that was created to cover every single piece of information about the most "Toontastic" massively multiplayer online game, Toontown Rewritten. From goofy gags to fearsome Cogs, this wiki has it all and is what we anticipate to be any Toon's go-to site for learning something new about Toontown!

With the help of many community members who have contributed to produce exactly 2,389 pages since September 21, 2013, the Toontown Rewritten Wiki continues to offer a large chunk of awesome content. By signing up for an account, anyone can join in on the fun!

Helping Out
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The Toontown Rewritten Wiki is in need of receiving a Toon-up, and users can help out by creating or expanding some of our pages! Below are two examples of categorized pages that need lots of attention:
  • Number of pages labelled as a stub: 145
  • Number of pages with at least one missing image: 5

The above pages are not the only pages that need to be worked on, however. Be sure to check out "Insights" and "Community" for more information on other incomplete tasks as well. Every user's contribution is an essential part of allowing the Toontown Rewritten Wiki to become a successful project.

Featured Article
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19-8-18 menacing

A Sellbot Field Office is a special variation of a Cog Building owned by the Sellbots that brings the luxuries of a Cog headquarters onto the streets of Toontown. Unlike ordinary Cog Buildings, a Sellbot Field Office takes over the local Toon Headquarters of a street. To take a Sellbot Field Office down, multiple groups of Toons are each transported to an annex, a single wing of the entire building that acts as a health point. Each annex must be taken down for the Sellbot Field Office to be conquered.

Did You Know?
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  • ...that the Silly Meter dynamically keeps track of Toontown's silly levels based on various activities performed by Toons and activates a certain Silly Team reward when maxed?
  • ...that the Toon Hall received a facelift based on the model from Disney's discontinued Toontown 2.0 prototype as part of the Silly Meter update?
  • ...that a Sellbot Field Office, unlike ordinary Cog Buildings, can take over a street's local Toon Headquarters and acquires the help of more than four Toons to conquer the Sellbot Field Office by defeating all of its annexes?
  • ...that the Toon Resistance is building an underground hideout located under Sellbot Headquarters to take down the Cog threat from right under their noses?
20-7-5 stabilityupdateanddoublexp
The Toontown Team - July 5, 2020 at 2:00 PM
20-7-4 defusingthefuse
Shorty Fuse - July 4, 2020 at 2:00 PM
20-6-23 restfulretreat
Teddy Blair - June 27, 2020 at 2:00 PM

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