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Lure is a gag track that is available once a Toon completes the ToonTasks assigned when the track is chosen. When a Lure gag is used, the Cogs will be stunned for a set amount of rounds, preventing them from being able to attack during those rounds. If a Cog is in a lured state, any Throw or Squirt gags targeting the Cog will receive a 1.5x (50%) damage bonus. While all Throw and Squirt gags are guaranteed to hit lured Cogs, Drop gags are guaranteed to miss. In addition, if a Cog is lured with a Trap gag placed in front of them, the Trap gag will activate and damage them. Lure gags are the third set of gags used during Cog battles.


Gag Image Rounds Affects Skill points gained Base accuracy Organic base accuracy
$1 Bill
$1 Bill Icon.png
2 One Cog 0 50% 60%
Small Magnet
Small Magnet Icon.png
2 All Cogs 20 50% 60%
$5 Bill
$5 Bill Icon.png
3 One Cog 100 60% 70%
Big Magnet
Big Magnet Icon.png
3 All Cogs 800 60% 70%
$10 Bill
$10 Bill Icon.png
4 One Cog 2,000 70% 80%
Hypno Goggles
Hypno Goggles Icon.png
4 All Cogs 6,000 70% 80%
Presentation Icon.png
15 All Cogs 10,000 90% 95%[1]

Double Lure

An instance called "Double Lure" occurs when multiple Lure gags are used on the same target. When two gags of the same track are used on the same target (besides Toon-Up and Trap), the game will take the lowest base accuracy value out of both gags and the highest trackExp value out of both Toons. Because the Lure propAcc values vary between gags, certain instances of double Lure can result in an accuracy loss, such as a $1 Bill being used on the same target as a $5 Bill (assuming the Toon using the $5 Bill has the higher trackExp).[2]

However, the targets of Lure gags vary throughout its track, as there are both single-Cog lures and multi-Cog lures. Therefore, there are special rules when a single-Cog lure is used with a multi-Cog lure, since the targets overlap. Below are examples of such instances. In each of these examples, Lure accuracy is calculated independently, meaning each Lure gag will have its own accuracy, instead of combining the lowest propAcc of both gags and highest trackExp values of both Toons.

  1. If a lower level single-Cog Lure (ex. $1 Bill) is used in combination with a higher level multi-Cog Lure (ex. Hypno Goggles), the accuracy is calculated solely on that of the single-Cog Lure. If the single-Cog Lure hits, the multi-Cog Lure will automatically hit as well, regardless of its accuracy. Alternatively, if the single-Cog Lure misses, the multi-Cog Lure will miss as well.
  2. If a lower level multi-Cog Lure (ex. Small Magnet) is used in combination with a higher level single-Cog Lure (ex. $10 Bill), the multi-Cog Lure's accuracy is calculated. Depending on if the gag hits or not, two of the following scenarios can occur.
    1. If the multi-Cog Lure hits, the single-Cog Lure will also be guaranteed to hit.
    2. If the multi-Cog Lure missed, the single-Cog Lure would begin its own accuracy calculation. This is the only time where two Lure gags can have different hit results on a target.

Lure gags are able to be stacked if they are used and hit in the same turn, affecting the number of rounds a Cog is lured. For example, using a $10 Bill (4 rounds) and a $1 Bill (2 rounds) will result in a Cog being lured for 6 rounds. Using a multi-Cog lure will not affect any Cogs that are already in a lured state.


  • If the final accuracy of the Lure gag is lower than 50%, there is a chance the Cogs will wake up early.[3]
  • When there is a mixed set of lured and un-lured Cogs on the field, the accuracy of Sound and level 7 gags will still increase using a formula called luredRatio; however, they are not guaranteed to hit.
  • If a Cog is not damaged after being lured, no gag experience is earned for the Lure gag used once the Cog un-lures themselves.
    • For group Lure gags, at least one Cog that was lured by the gag must be damaged before they un-lure to earn gag experience.
  • There was a long time knockback bug where damage bonuses did not apply properly. It was then fixed by Toontown Rewritten in the "Toontown Tweaks" update released on February 1, 2015.
  • According to a Toontown Online trading card, the Lure gags that uses a fishing rod attached to a dollar are referred to as "Cog Catcher".
  • It is a common superstition among the Toontown community that saying "glue" before using a Lure gag increases its accuracy.
    • This was debunked by Goshi, a former member of the Toontown Rewritten Team. When asked if this truly worked in an interview, he said: "Haha, no. But we thought about making it an Easter egg."[citation needed]
    • Toontown Rewritten acknowledged this superstition in the release notes as a joke from the blog post titled "To Our Valued Customers".
    • In addition, any other form of phrases will not increase the accuracy of Lure gags.
  • The game's camera is never shown behind the Cogs when a Lure gag is used in battle.



  1. Even though the organic base accuracy for Presentation is set as 100%, a gag's maximum base accuracy cannot exceed 95%.