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Lord Lowden Clear
Lord Lowden Clear
Physical description
Lord Lowden Clear's my name, and pieing Cogs is my game.
―Lord Lowden Clear[src]

Lord Lowden Clear is a Toon who is commonly known being the fearless leader of the Toon Resistance and inventor of the Cog Disguise. He is a bright red dog who always wears a level 50 Robber Baron Cog Disguise.


Formation of the Toon Resistance

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Lord Lowden Clear with Good ol' Gil Giggles and Doctor Surlee.

He was the one who proposed the formation of the Toon Resistance, and thus was appointed leader of it by Flippy himself. Now, he's one of Flippy's most faithful advisers on the Toon Council!
Sir Max[src]

Sometime after the Toon Council Presidential Elections, Lord Lowden Clear was appointed by Flippy as leader of the Toon Resistance during the very first Toon Council meeting. According to Sir Max, Lowden's invention of the Cog Disguise outranked the other prototypes created by Loony Labs, leaving all of the Toon Council members amazed as he attended the meeting showing off his Cog Disguise.[1] Since then, Lowden never took off his Cog Disguise and was never seen without it.

After becoming leader of the Toon Resistance, Lowden kept the citizens of Toontown up-to-date on any news regarding the Cogs, including the discovery of each and every known Cog headquarters. Lowden keeps an ongoing effort to make sure the Cogs do not invade Toontown.

Searching for Bossbot Headquarters

It's a troubling scenario. But who can we send? You can't go out on your own, and the rest of us need to stay behind and prepare for Operation: Duck Hunt. The Toons aren't ready yet.
―Lord Lowden Clear to Good ol' Gil Giggles[src]

Lord Lowden Clear and Good ol' Gil Giggles arrived to Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres to discuss the potential threat of Bossbot Headquarters. After deciding that the Toon Council was right about the potential threat of Bossbot Headquarters, Lord Lowden Clear says that Gil cannot go out alone to hunt for the headquarters, and that the Toon Resistance must stay behind to prepare for Operation: Duck Hunt. After hearing this news, Gil suggests sending Mata Hairy, but Lowden turns down that decision since she is busy dealing with Cashbot Headquarters.

Upon witnessing four Toons crashing into a geyser in their golf kart, Lowden immediately tells Gil that he would want said Toons to hunt for Bossbot Headquarters. Gil worried that they would not be able to handle such a mission, but Lowden begged to differ. With the efforts of Team LHAAFBBHQ and Toons across Toontown, Bossbot Headquarters was uncovered, and Lowden publicly announced new information regarding the dreaded area.


  • Lowden Clear is a pun on "loud and clear".
  • "Lord" is a part of Lord Lowden Clear's name, in similar fashion to "Sir" being a part of Sir Max's name.
  • It is unknown what Lord Lowden Clear looks like without his Cog Disguise.
    • Although unconfirmed, it is possible that Lord Lowden Clear may be wearing the Cog-Crusher Outfit like the rest of the Toon Resistance members.
  • According to Flippy, Lord Lowden Clear will receive his very own office when the Toon Hall is rebuilt.[2]
  • Even though Lord Lowden Clear currently wears Robber Baron disguise, he wore a Money Bags disguise in Toontown Online.
    • Joey, who is one of the members of the Toontown Rewritten Team, once stated that the reason for his disguise change was to place an emphasis on his importance in the storyline.
  • Lord Lowden Clear led Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters by securing a Toon Resistance Outpost at the heart of Sellbot Headquarters. He was also originally going to become an SOS Toon as an reward for the event before the idea was scrapped from development.[3]
  • According to Toontown Rewritten on YouTube, the Cogs think that Lowden is a traveling salesman, and is treated like a VIP visitor.[4]





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    "Funny thing about Lowden - the Cogs think he's a traveling salesman! He's a VIP visitor at all of the Cog HQs due to how often he traverses them, and never once has he gotten caught. He attends so many meetings to get inside info with the Cogs that the Goons don't even blink an eye when he walks through the door." - Toontown Rewritten