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Loopy Loopenloop
Loopy Loopenloop
Physical description

Loopy Loopenloop is a duck NPC Toon who is a member of the Toon Resistance stationed at the Toon Resistance Outpost during Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters as well as during Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters. When visiting him to receive Toon Resistance ToonTasks, he will reward you double experience points for a certain amount of time, depending on the difficulty of the ToonTask.

SOS Toon

Loopy Loopenloop is a 5-star Squirt SOS Toon. He uses a Geyser, which deals 115 damage- the equivalent of an organic one. His card was only given out during Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters, after completing Loopy's task in the Sellbot Factory.

Despite he and Rocky using Squirt and Throw respectively, they do not deal knockback damage to lured Cogs.


  • He is the first ever Squirt SOS Toon.
  • He was stationed at both Ranger Outpost in Sellbot HQ and Cashbot HQ.
  • He always talks in rhymes.


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