17-9-1 byebyebeta

Flippy, Sir Max, and a couple other Toons standing next to a "Toontown v2.0.0. Update" sign.

Live is the current stage of Toontown Rewritten, marking the end of Beta. Live was launched on September 1, 2017, and introduced several features and changes on its first release. All progress made during beta testing was not wiped, therefore all players can still play their Toons from Beta.


Several features and changes occurred during the live version.

Major features

Major features are central features added to the game. The most notable features should be featured on this list.

Minor features

This list should not warrant all minor features or changes. This list only contains the most notable changes.

  • New Toontown Rewritten logo and branding
  • New opening sequence and theme song
  • "Smooth-frames" has been added via "settings.json" file, allowing the game to run at a higher frame rate
  • New music in Cashbot Headquarters
  • Toons will be alerted by Good ol' Gil Giggles if the Chief Executive Officer has been fully slowed down by golf balls
  • New accessories from Toontown Online return
  • Each estate has been given a fishing bucket for convenience
  • Toons can now hold all SOS cards
  • Districts have been renamed to match with the theme of Toontown
    • SpeedChat-only districts have been implemented. These districts Boingbury, Gulp Gulch, and Whoosh Rapids.
    • Safe/super-safe districts that disregard Cog Invasions, Invasion Summons, and certain events have also been implemented. These districts are Blam Canyon, Fizzlefield, Gulp Gulch, and Splat Summit.


  • The update that was released to correspond with the public release is considered one of Toontown Rewritten's largest updates yet.
  • New characters are expected to be introduced as the game's storyline picks up furthermore after a bit of silence since 2016. For example, Doctor Fissionton and several other Scientoons from the C.A.K.E. (Categorizing All Known Energy) division of Loony Labs had made their official debut.
  • Revamped Field Offices are expected to hopefully be released sometime in 2019.
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