Director of Ambush Marketing Doomsday

The Director of Ambush Marketing- a level 50 Cog

Level 50 Cogs are the highest observed level of the Cogs. According to the Cog HP formula, they should have 2,652 HP.

The Cogs

It is implied that only tier eight Cogs (Big Cheeses, Big Wigs, Robber Barons, and Mr. Hollywoods) can reach level 50 as Toons can continue their suits until they reach the limit of level 50.

The only known cases of level 50 Cogs are the following:


  • Oddly, the bosses that have HP only have about 500 HP, which would rank them far below level 50 (which, according to the HP formula, should be level 20.866 Cogs).


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