Lawbots for legal advice...

Lawbots are one of the four types of Cogs. Their headquarters, Lawbot Headquarters, is located off of Polar Place in The Brrrgh. Their symbol color is blue, representing a gavel. They are currently the only type to contain no Cogs with female appearances.

List of Lawbots

Name Lowest Level Highest Level Image
Bottom Feeder Level 1 Level 5 BottomFeeder2
Bloodsucker Level 2 Level 6 Bloodsucker2
Double Talker Level 3 Level 7 Doubletalker2
Ambulance Chaser Level 4 Level 8 Ambulance Chaser2
Back Stabber Level 5 Level 9 Backstabber2
Spin Doctor Level 6 Level 10 Spindoctor2
Legal Eagle Level 7 Level 11 Legaleagle2
Big Wig Level 8 Level 12 Bigwig2

Chief Justice

Chief Justice

The Chief Justice, commonly abbreviated as the C.J., is the boss of the Lawbots. He is located in the Lawbot Courthouse at Lawbot Headquarters.


Street PlayGround Chance(%)
Loopy Lane Toontown Central 70%
Punchline Place Toontown Central 10%
Silly Street Toontown Central 25%
Barnacle Boulevard Donald's Dock 10%
Lighthouse Lane Donald's Dock 40%
Elm Street Daisy Gardens 20%
Maple Street Daisy Gardens 70%
Oak Street Daisy Gardens 5%
Tenor Terrace Minnie's Melodyland 50%
Sleet Street The Brrrgh 20%
Walrus Way The Brrrgh 10%
Polar Place The Brrrgh 85%
Lullaby Lane Donald's Dreamland 25%
Pajama Place Donald's Dreamland 5%
The Cogs
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Corporate RaiderThe Big Cheese Chief Executive Officer
Bottom FeederBloodsuckerDouble TalkerAmbulance ChaserBack StabberSpin Doctor
Legal EagleBig Wig Chief Justice
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Loan SharkRobber Baron Chief Financial Officer
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