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Lawbot Headquarters
Lawbot Headquarters.jpg
Basic information
Type Lawbots
Location Polar Place, The Brrrgh
Area information
Minimum level 8
Maximum level 10
Special Cogs Virtual Skelecogs, Goons
Data is by normal gameplay.
Facility information
Facilities District Attorney's Office
Minimum level 10
Maximum level 12
Facility boss District Attorney's Clerk
Boss information
Facilities Lawbot Courthouse
Minimum level 8
Maximum level 12
Boss Chief Justice
Courtyard theme
"We've got a problem on our hands. As many of you know, just yesterday a group of Toons found a secret entrance into the depths of our biggest threat yet: The Lawbot HQ."
Lord Lowden Clear[src]

Lawbot Headquarters, commonly known as Lawbot HQ or simply LBHQ, is the Lawbots' main base of operation. It is located at the peninsula of Polar Place in The Brrrgh. Lawbot Headquarters consists of two facilities: the District Attorney's Office and the Lawbot Courthouse. Inside the Lawbot Courthouse is where Toons may find the Lawbot boss, the Chief Justice.


Court Records

Main page: ARG: Court Records

On June 26, 2014, the Lawbots introduced a court hearing at the Courthouse that represented the first case of a Toon on trial. This hearing involved famous inventor Doctor Surlee in which he was placed on trial for violating the Toon Council's teleportation restrictions and implementing his own bypasses into the portable hole system of which he originally invented. Despite having been exposed of his diary entry and a blueprint that shows the inner-workings of his bypasses, Doctor Surlee managed to escape from the Courthouse using one of those bypasses.

The update introduced an ARG puzzle where players had to decrypt a blog post titled "03-CV-0012 SURLEE v. COUNCIL". Once players decrypted the blog post, Doctor Surlee's portable hole blueprint was found but also acquired more decryption. In-game coordinates of the bypasses could then be determined based on the blueprint, which allowed Toons to teleport from one area to another until they gained access to Lawbot Headquarters. Using the bypasses, a single message from "The Two" appeared when a Toon teleported to Sellbot Headquarters and Cashbot Headquarters, with the following three messages appearing as the Toon teleported to Lawbot Headquarters.

"They are indeed quite clever."
"Perhaps, however I don't believe they realize what they have unfolded."
"I don't think you have either."


The courtyard is the main area of Lawbot Headquarters. Cogs here range from level 8 to level 10. The Courtyard is surrounded by very tall skyscrapers and marble buildings. To the north is a large statue of the Chief Justice. The Lawbot Courthouse can be found on the left side of the Headquarters. Opposite to the Courthouse is the entrance to the District Attorney's Lobby, in which there are no Cogs.

District Attorney's Office

Main page: District Attorney's Office
District Attorney's Office.png

The District Attorney's Office is a Cog facility in Lawbot Headquarters. There are four different offices: Office A, Office B, Office C, and Office D. Office A is not limited to any Toon, allowing entrance without a laff limit. Office B is limited to Toons with 81 laff points or higher. Office C is limited to Toons with 86 laff points. Office D is limited to Toons with 96 laff points and is the longest office.

Lawbot Courthouse

Main page: Lawbot Courthouse
Lawbot Courthouse.jpg

The Lawbot Courthouse serves as the domain for the Chief Justice. Toons may battle the Chief Justice once all parts for their Lawbot Cog Disguise have been obtained, and enough Jury Notices have been gathered.

Chief Justice

Main page: Chief Justice

The Chief Justice, commonly known as the C.J., is the boss of the Lawbots. Toons may battle him after completion of the Lawbot Cog Disguise and have earned enough Jury Notices for a promotion.

Cog Summons

Main page: Cog Summon

A Cog Summon is awarded to Toons that successfully defeat the Chief Justice in the trial. There are three types of Cog Summons: a single Cog summon, a Cog Building summon, and a Cog Invasion summon. Invasions cannot be called if another is already in progress, but buildings and Cogs can be summoned at any time.

Lawbot Cog Disguise

Main page: Lawbot Cog Disguise

The Lawbot Cog Disguise is a Cog Disguise containing 14 parts. Each part is awarded upon completion of Professor Flake's ToonTasks after completing ToonTasks in Donald's Dreamland.


  • Lawbot Headquarters is the only Cog headquarters with a total of five facilities.
  • Lawbot Headquarters is the first Cog headquarters to be released in an update that involved solving an ARG puzzle, with Bossbot Headquarters being second.