The Lawbot Courthouse is the home of the Chief Justice. It is located at Lawbot Headquarters and can be accessed by eight Toons at a time. Toons can only battle the Chief Justice when they have completed their Lawbot Disguise and are ready for promotion.


Cog Battle Round

Before the battle commences, the Chief Justice will slowly move towards the Toons whilst preparing the trial, assuming they are Cogs. He will soon realize they are actually Toons and removes their cog disguises. He will then say "Attack!!" before sending out Cogs.

The team will then be split into two random groups, not necessarily equally split. The groups will then battle an estimate of 56 to 60 cogs of levels eight to 12 between each other. When a group successfully defeats all the Cogs, the Chief Justice will say "Bah, so you passed the bar exam".

Cannon Round

The Chief Justice will say "Jury selection will now commence" whilst heading towards his bench. Toons will then be instructed to use their provided cannon to shoot NPC Toons into the jury seats; however Cogs will also fly in to steal the seats. Each cannon has 12 attempts which may be used within the given time limit of one minute. Toons cannot leave a cannon once they have entered it.

It will take a Cog around 25 seconds to steal an occupied seat, therefore it is recommended to wait until the timer shows 22 seconds before firing; this is to ensure that Cogs do not have enough time to steal an occupied seat.


The Cog attacks which can be performed during the cannon round are listed in the table below.

Attack Attacker Description Damage
Swipe Chief Justice If a Toon bumps into the CJ, he will move down and attempt to swipe the Toon. This may inflict damage onto surrounding Toons. -5

A Toon will lose one laff point if they bump into the CJ.

Scale Round

This is the final round of the Chief Justice battle. The aim of this round is to get more evidence into the Toons' pan than the Cogs' pan. However, lawyers will throw evidence into their side of the scale, therefore it is important to stun the lawyers. Evidence can be obtained from the witness stand where Bumpy Bumblebehr is sat. The amount of evidence obtained depends on the average Cog suit level.


Between eight to 10 lawyers will be stood to the right of the CJ. They will either throw evidence into the Cogs' pan or directly towards a random Toon which will deduct five laff points given that it hits. There is an equal chance of a lawyer performing one of these actions. To stun a Cog, simply throw evidence at it. A Cog will remain stunned for five seconds.

Although it is possible to stun all the Cogs alone, it may be easier to have at least two Toons working together to stun the Cogs. It may not be possible to stun any more than eight Cogs alone. If all Cogs are stunned at the same time, the weight of the Toons evidence will be doubled for 20 seconds, and each Toon will also receive a 10 point laff boost.


In order to win the battle, it is important to throw evidence into the Toons side of the scale. It is not possible for a Toon to increase the weight of the Cogs' pan by throwing evidence. The difficulty of the scale round is partially influenced by the number of Toon jurors seated following the cannon round. The scale will be balanced between the Toons and the Cogs if there are eight Toons sat in the jury. The table below shows the starting weight of the Toons side of the scale depending on the number of Toons sat in the jury. A number any higher than 1350 is in favour of the Toons; any lower is in favour of the Cogs.

Toons Cogs Toon Weight (of 2700)
0 12 806
1 11 874
2 10 942
3 9 1010
4 8 1078
5 7 1146
6 6 1214
7 5 1282
8 4 1350
9 3 1418
10 2 1486
11 1 1554
12 0 1622


The Cog attacks which can be performed during the scale round are listed in the table below.

Attack Attacker Description Damage
Jump Chief Justice A few seconds before using this attack, the CJ will say "You're all in contempt of court!". He will then jump, and all Toons must jump before he hits the ground else they will lose laff points. Every 15 seconds, there is an 11% chance of the Chief Justice performing this attack. In addition, all lawyers will be unable to throw evidence for six seconds following the jump. -10
Evidence Lawyer A lawyer may aim evidence at a random Toon in the courthouse. This can be avoided by moving away or jumping over it. -5
Gavel N/A A gavel has a similar appearance to a hammer. Touching the end of one of these will result in losing 2 laff points, whilst touching the top of these will result in losing 20 laff points. There will be between five to eight gavels around the courthouse, depending on the average cog suit level.

-2 or -20

Battle Difficulty

The difficulty of the scale round is determined by the average Cog suit. This is shown in the table below.

Average cog suit level Evidence Gavels Lawyers
Bottom Feeder Level 1
Ambulance Chaser Level 8
38 to 34 5 8
Back Stabber Level 5
Big Wig Level 15
34 to 30 6 8
Big Wig Level 16
Big Wig Level 24
30 to 28 7 8
Big Wig Level 25
Big Wig Level 32
26 7 9
Big Wig Level 33
Big Wig Level 41
26 to 24 8 9
Big Wig Level 42
Big Wig Level 50
22 8 10


When the Toons' pan reaches the bottom of the scale, the Chief Justice will say "Impossible! The defense won? No! I declare a mistrial! A new one will be scheduled. Hrrmpphh. I'll be in my chambers". All Toons will then enter a victory dance to receive credit and Bumpy Bumblebehr will reward each Toon with a Cog summon and promotion.

Cog Summon

The rewarded Cog summon depends on the summons a Toon already has, and the battle difficulty. There is a 70% chance of being rewarded a Cog summon, 27% chance of being rewarded a Cog building summon and a 3% chance of being rewarded a Cog invasion summon, given that a Toon does not already have that summon type. The lower the difficulty of the CJ battle, the weaker the preferred summon. The game will always attempt to reward the preferred summon by Cog type from Bossbot to Sellbot. If a Toon has all possible summons, they will be rewarded nothing.


If the Cogs' pan reaches the bottom of the scale, the Chief Justice will say "I find in favor of the plaintiff". This causes all Toons to go sad without losing their gags, but they will not be rewarded.


  • This is the only boss battle where different Toons from the same battle can receive a different reward.
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