The Lawbot Suit tab under cog suits in the Shticker Book.

The Lawbot Cog Suit is a dark purple suit with a red bow tie and pocket on the left hand side of it.


It is the Cog suit that is needed to access the Lawbot Courthouse and is used to fight the Chief Justice. To get this Cog suit, Toons must complete the ToonTasks given by Professor Flake. There are fourteen ToonTasks to do for this and the suit has fourteen parts.


After the suit has been completed, Toons also need Jury Notices to get a promotion in order to be allowed to fight the CJ. The minimum in Lawbot Cog suits is level 1 Bottom Feeder to level 50 Big Wig.


  • When you become a level 12 Big Wig, you will be given teleportation access to Lawbot Headquarters.
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