The Lawbot Cog Disguise tab under "Cog Disguises" in the Shticker Book

The Lawbot Cog Disguise is a dark blue Cog Disguise with a red bow tie and pocket on the left hand side. After completing ToonTasks for Donald's Dreamland, you are allowed to start the ToonTasks to obtain parts of your Lawbot Cog Disguise.


To get this disguise, Toons must complete ToonTasks given by Professor Flake, one task for each of the 14 disguise parts. To start these tasks, the Toon must have at least completed the Cashbot Cog Disguise, a Gag Pouch of size 80, and the ability to carry 250 jellybeans.

The Lawbot Cog Disguise is used to enter the Lawbot Courthouse in order to fight the Chief Justice.

Promotions and Jury Notices

Main page: Jury Notices

After the disguise has been completed, Toons will also require Jury Notices after each CJ battle in order to get a promotion, which increases the level of your Cog Disguise and allows you to battle again. The disguise ranges from a level 1 Bottom Feeder to a level 50 Big Wig. Once a Toon maxes their suit, they will no longer need to collect Jury Notices to fight the Chief Justice.

Lawbot Cog Disguise ToonTasks

Toons can start working on special ToonTasks to obtain parts of their Lawbot Cog Disguise after they complete Donald's Dreamland. Toons will be asked to visit Professor Flake at The Precipitation Foundation in The Brrrgh. Each of the tasks require you to recover an External Temperature Sensor from Cogs on specific streets in order to obtain the disguise part. There are a total of 14 tasks.

  1. Recovery Task - Silly Street, Toontown Central (Reward: Upper Left Leg)
  2. Recovery Task - Loopy Lane, Toontown Central (Reward: Lower Left Leg)
  3. Recovery Task - Punchline Place, Toontown Central (Reward: Left Foot)
  4. Recovery Task - Barnacle Boulevard, Donald's Dock (Reward: Upper Right Leg)
  5. Recovery Task - Seaweed Street, Donald's Dock (Reward: Lower Right Leg)
  6. Recovery Task - Lighthouse Lane, Donald's Dock (Reward: Right Foot)
  7. Recovery Task - Elm Street, Daisy Gardens (Reward: Upper Torso)
  8. Recovery Task - Maple Street, Daisy Gardens (Reward: Pelvis)
  9. Recovery Task - Oak Street, Daisy Gardens (Reward: Upper Left Arm)
  10. Recovery Task - Alto Avenue, Minnie's Melodyland (Reward: Lower Left Arm)
  11. Recovery Task - Baritone Boulevard, Minnie's Melodyland (Reward: Left Hand)
  12. Recovery Task - Tenor Terrace, Minnie's Melodyland (Reward: Upper Right Arm)
  13. Recovery Task - Lullaby Lane, Donald's Dreamland (Reward: Lower Right Arm)
  14. Recovery Task - Pajama Place, Donald's Dreamland (Reward: Right Hand)


  • After completing enough Chief Justice battles to become a level 13 Big Wig, you will be given teleportation access to Lawbot Headquarters.
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