Ttr launch window by piranha2021-d6pnj1v zps46253e1b

The launcher is an application that allows players to access Toontown through the account server and authentication server after entering their account credentials. It can be downloaded by visiting the "Play" page of the Toontown Rewritten website. The current look of the launcher depicts Doctor Surlee in his lab gazing at the monitor while holding a pencil and clipboard, with a large chalkboard displaying the news from behind.


Unlike Windows and Linux, the macOS launcher contains a built-in tracker for Cog Invasions that actively updates whenever an invasion is present in the game. Choose View > Show Invasions to open the tracker.


  • The launcher with Doctor Surlee had been used for almost a decade since Alpha in late 2013. A mockup of the new launcher was unveiled on January 31, 2020 for the first time.[1]



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