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A laff meter indicating the amount of laff a Toon has.

Laff is the health of Toons. The Laff Meter resembles your character's head and is shown at the bottom left corner of your screen. Toons start with 15 laff and can go up to 136 laff currently, however the game files allow up to 145. When the Toon hits 0 laff, the Toon is sad and will be sent to the playground they were last in. As the Toon goes sad, the Cog that the Toon was battling is seen jumping around, teasing the Toon in a childish manner. This behavior from the Cogs only happens with street battles. After going sad, your gags have been taken away by the Cogs and you cannot leave the playground you are in until you have at least one Laff Point. When sad, a Toon's Laff Meter will be a sickly lime green.

In playgrounds and your estate, your Laff will refill over time. If you have at least one Laff Point, then getting Treasures will refill lost Laff Points. You can collect ice cream cones in Toontown Central, collect starfish in Donald's Dock, collect daisies in Daisy Gardens, collect music notes in Minnie's Melodyland, collect snowflakes in The Brrrgh, collect ZZZs in Donald's Dreamland, collect acorns in Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres, and collect popsicles at an estate to provide Laff points. Until your meter is smiling again, you cannot exit the playground, board the Trolley, go fishing, board a golf cart, nor go to your friends.

Gaining Extra Laff

There are a number of ways you can get more Laff points, other than by ToonTasks. The following chart shows all of the attainable Laff boosts, and which activity they come from.

Attained From Amount Total Amount
Create-A-Toon 15 15
ToonTasks 85 100
Maxed Sellbot Cog Disguise 5 105
Maxed Cashbot Cog Disguise 5 110
Maxed Lawbot Cog Disguise 5 115
Maxed Bossbot Cog Disguise 5 120
Fishing trophies 7 127
Gardening trophies 4 131
Goofy Speedway trophies 2


Golfing trophies 3 136

Racing currently has issues, but the Trophies and Laff are still attainable. Out of the 3 available racing laff points, only 2 are available as the Grand Prix has not yet been implemented.


  • The Laff Meter in Toontown Rewritten was invented by Doctor Surlee.
  • In Toontown Rewritten Beta, there was a bug where Toons could go inside buildings while being sad, making teleportation work as normal.
  • Purposely making other Toons go sad in battle by either abandoning them, or letting the Cogs make them go sad, is known as "greening". Greening Toons can result in your account being banned.
  • Laff is a pun of "laugh".
  • It is unknown if the Portable Hole Network Bypasses worked if a sad Toon triggered them.
  • When at least 1 Laff point is missing from a Toon, the Toon's Laff Meter is displayed above his/her head in the final phase of all of Toontown Rewritten's boss battles. This even includes the fight against the Director of Ambush Marketing after the Toon Council Presidential Elections turned into Doomsday.
  • There is a glitch where Toons start with 16 Laff, but then get only 15 Laff when the game is restarted.
  • If the Cogs win the Chief Justice battle, the Toons will go sad but not lose their gags.

Originally Posted by joey19982 (Sir Max) on 09-30-2013 (Post #253)
Yes, TTR has a full storyline to explain everything- even why people have to start over at 15 laff points. You'll see parts of it as development continues, but it is a pretty deep story that won't be fully revealed for a while. While the game is still going to be targeted at children, I want to add deeper aspects than "cogs are bad."


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