--------------- MEMORANDUM ---------------
Date: 26 March 2003
From: Doctor Surlee
To: Doctor Surlee
Subject: Remember

It is almost time. I have to do this. Remember the fate but not the mistake.
This time I will help. This time we will win.

In case I have forgotten:

- The sequence is more important than it first appears.

- Words are not all that's important.

- Not everything is meant to be opened with a key.

- Little-endianness is better.

- Mistakes are important. They got you here.

- The best security is the unknown.

- Scrooge visits at 2:03 PM.[1]

- Everything is probably important.

- Undo mistakes, not fate.

- Don't be the chicken.[2]

- Time is ticking.

I'm sorry.




  • Most (if not all) of the keys like "Sillyness" and "Creating Equiment" are purposely misspelled.



  1. This refers to File:Old ToonTown Download Video. Scrooge is later (140) reported missing, even though he wasn't even seen at the Toon Council Presidential Elections at the time.
  2. This is likely refering to Gyro Gearloose.
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