Jellybean Bank

A jellybean bank is a furniture item that stores the owner's excess jellybeans. The owner can deposit or withdraw jellybeans from there. A jellybean bank is included with a Toon's house at their estate and cannot be removed unlike most furniture. All earned jellybeans that do not fit into a Toon's jellybean jar are automatically sent to their bank. The maximum capacity of a jellybean bank is 15,000 jellybeans. Once a jellybean bank and a jellybean jar are completely filled, the jellybeans the Toon earns by either selling his or her doodle, fishing, playing Trolley games or through a jellybean Unite! Phrase will be lost.


  • In Toontown Online, the jellybean bank had multiple max jellybean amounts that a Toon could upgrade their bank to:
    • The default bank started at 1,000 jellybeans
    • First upgrade increases the max to 2,500
    • Second increases to 5,000
    • Third increases to 7,500
    • Fourth increases to 10,000
  • Later, Toontown Online released the "large bank" which increased the max size to 12,000 jellybeans. This new bank replaced the old upgrade system, also giving existing Toons and new Toons the upgraded bank to be their only bank.


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