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Horse is a type of Toon.

When horses talk, they neigh. If a horse uses an invalid word in Speedchat Plus and lacks any True Friends the word will be censored by "brrr" or "neigh."

Head designs

Horses have four different head designs that can be used to create a toon through the Create-A-Toon process. They can be created in any color.

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Notable horses


Notable non-playable horses include: Melville, Professor Prepostera, and Bud Erfingerz.

For a full list, see Category:Horses.


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  • As opposed to horses in real life, horses in Toontown do not gallop. Their appearances also slightly do not match their real-life counterparts.
  • Horses quite resemble Horace Horsecollar, a Disney character.
  • Clarabelle Cow looks similar to a horse.
  • Horses are among the least popular toons, alongside the monkey and the pig.
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