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A Toon's house
Homes are houses for a Toon that are found in their Estate. Toons can customize their house inside and buy equipment from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Houses come with some furniture inside where Toons can customize. Each house has its own mailbox, as well as its own area for gardening, including plots to grow Gag Trees. There is also a ToonTask where the Toon has to go into the house and call Clarabelle, as part of the Toontorial. This ToonTask gives a Toon one Laff point.


  • There is a glitch where the Toon opens the house customize button and then walks out of the home, leaving the Toon invisible.
  • Estates come with six homes since an account can have six Toons. Each Toon slot in the login screen corresponds to their own home.
  • Toons can put jellybeans in your Jellybean Bank so they can buy equipment on Clarabelle's Cattelog.
  • It is possible to jump on top of the house's roof in the estate.

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