Rabbit racing

A runaway Toon seems to have had slipped on a banana peel while racing and caused a bit of a ruckus! Luckily, there is probably some form of edit tool that can clean things up. Remember to avoid plagiarism when editing.

Gyro Gearloose is the creator of Cogs in Toontown. Gyro made cogs to assist toons, they were designed for good. One night Duck McScrooge payed a visit to Gyro, and he discovered a giant robot that didn't take the looks of regular cogs. McScrooge connected two wires to activate this giant robot. At this moment, the giant robot created all of the cogs in toontown. All of the cogs had become evil.

We don't know where this giant robot is, and he is rumored to be " The Chairman", who is the creator of all cogs.


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