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Gyro Gearloose was the creator of cogs in toontown. He bulit cogs to assist toons and help them out. Gyro desinged cogs to be good helpers. Until one night, billionaire Duck McScrooge payed a visit to the lab of Gyro Gearloose. He saw a gigantic robot that didn't look like any ordinary cog. This robot was activated, when McScrooge connected two wrong wires. That's when this robot became evil and, the robot created all of the cogs using Gyro's machine. That night all cogs became evil and were activated by Duck McScrooge. The cogs made by the big robot flew away and roamed toontown looking to battle toons. We don't know what happened to the big robot. It is rumored that he is the big boss of all of the cogs in toontown. He is also rumored to be, " The Chairman," who is supposed to be the boss off all cogs.
'''Gyro Gearloose''' is the creator of [[Cogs]] in Toontown.
There's no doubt Toontown Rewritten fans will ask about the release of, " The Chairman." Fans might also be wondering whatever happened to characters like Duck McScrooge or Gyro Gearloose? We don't entirely know that answer. Many will have theories of " The Chairman" or of where or what happened to Gyro.
*[[Doctor Surlee]] is supposedly the creator of Cogs on ''[[Toontown Rewritten]]''.

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Gyro Gearloose is the creator of Cogs in Toontown.


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