Greening is the act of sabotaging Cog battles with the intention of making other Toons lose laff points, which can in turn make them go sad. The act must be committed purposefully for it to be considered greening; a Toon who does not have access to higher gags should not be mistakenly accused of greening given this restriction.

This kind of act is strictly prohibited on Toontown Rewritten and will lead to consequences on a player's account, depending on the severity and the amount of continuous acts.

Identifying greening

Below are various acts that are considered greening.

Pushing a Toon into the street or a building

This typically happens when a Toon has fallen asleep. Other Toons will push the sleeping Toon into an elevator or the path of a Cog without their permission, causing the Toon to go sad while the player is away from the keyboard.

Removing the lure from Cogs

A Cog that has been lured is unable to perform attacks, so a Toon can deliberately un-lure Cogs as an act of greening; gags from the Sound track are particularly disruptive because they can wake up all Cogs in the battle. In some cases, lower level Trap gags (such as Clerk Will) or other three-star SOS cards may have the same negative effect. It's important to note however that this can occur accidentally, usually from inexperience. Since mistakes do happen, to determine if the act constitutes greening the Toons should increase communication and wait to see if offenses are repeated.

Vice President pie round

Previously, Toons exploited a glitch by running onto the Vice President to disable his state of being turned. This is not to be confused with the strategy of running into the Vice President while not stunned to make him gain hits more easily and cancel the stun animation, also canceling his current attack. Reports from the Toontown community state that it can still happen due to lag or because of a certain update that unintentionally removed the patch.

Leaving a Toon stuck in the elevator

One of the most common forms of greening is to enter an elevator (bosses, especially the Vice President, or Cog Buildings), and leave at the last second so that low level Toons have to fend for themselves. Shopping for SOS cards, which is to say disconnecting after discovering the reward in a VP battle, done without the consent of the other Toons is included as a form of greening and can result in a ban.

Refusing to offer Toon-Up

Another common form of greening is refusing to offer Toon-Up for other Toons that are in risk of going sad, and instead leaving them to take damage from the Cogs in battle. This can take the form of two Toons only healing each other, letting any other Toons suffer damage from a Cog's attacks, or the greener can simply be one Toon. Toons should remember that not every Toon in the game has access to the Toon-Up track.

Refusing to let another Toon use Drop or Trap

Greeners usually troll other Toons by not letting them use Drop or Trap. For example, luring when a Toon picks Drop or use Trap at the same Cog as someone else has already pick Trap. It is important to note, however, that it not always considered greening in some cases (e.g. when there is a need of Lure due to the many high level Cogs on the field, or the person is purposefully training Trap in a boss battle).

Purposely passing in battle

A form of greening also includes choosing the option to pass. A Toon may select a gag, and then quickly going back to pass. This usually leads to the Toon(s) that attacked the Cog to get attacked back. This form of greening is effective in boss battles and buildings, as multiple Cogs are spawned and a Toon cannot run from the battle unless they disconnect.

Pretending to be away from keyboard

A form of greening includes pretending to be away from keyboard ("AFK"). A Toon will have the speech bubble of terms signifying they are away, such as "brb" (be right back) or "AFK". The Toon who commits this type of greening usually causes the other Toons to defend for themselves, as attacking the Cogs can usually result into them being attacked back.

Pulling back gags at the last second

The greener would choose a gag as usual, but they may often repeatedly pull back their gag when the timer reaches to approximately one second, which in most scenarios is a way to get the Cogs to stay alive and hit the other Toons. This subsequently causes the other Toons' strategy to change.

Stealing promotions

Although this is not necessarily considered greening, it is indeed a common practice among greeners. They simply defeat the facility boss (and the Cogs with him) without the other Toons' help or even consent so the greener is the only one to successfully gain promotions. This means that the other Toons that were absent during the battle do not receive the promotion.

Gag training in boss battles

To identify whether the Toon using this method is legitimately greening or not can be hard, but it is usually when someone will use the exact same gag over and over for the purpose of getting a new gag in places that is quite questionable. For example, they may be confronted by a full set of level 12 Cogs. While the Toons are making an effort to lure the set and using Toon-Up for the team, using a low level gag like a Bugle in this scenario for the sake of "points" is considered greening.

Origin of term

The term greening comes from the green face a Toon's laff meter will show when they have no laff points.

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