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Gravitational anomalies are an effect on playgrounds and Toons where gravity disappears, which only happens on April Toons Week. During this time, certain buildings float up into the air at completely random times, then get thrown back down. Toons would begin to jump higher, allowing them to jump onto floating buildings whenever they are in need of a ToonTask completion.


  • At first it was only Toons that would lose gravity, but ever since April 4th in 2015, the playgrounds seem to lose gravity as well and has now become a tradition of silliness.
  • Doctor Surlee stated that the anomalies may be caused by "Silly Surges".
  • The anomalies are based off an episode of the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls, which is said to be one of Sir Max's favorite shows.
    • Ironically, Toontown Rewritten took place in 2004 (storyline-based) during the time of this event, but the show did not premiere until summer of 2012.
  • Most of the playgrounds have only one building that floats in the air. However, Toontown Central has the most buildings that float up.


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