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Goofy Speedway
Goofy Speedway.png
Basic information
Population 4 Toons
Number of buildings 1
Connects to
Toontown Central

Goofy Speedway is a neighborhood located west of Toontown Central. It is where Toons can purchase a kart at Goofy's Kart Shop, and earn tickets and trophies by racing against other Toons. Teleport access to the playground is automatically granted to Toons upon their first visit.

Unlike all other playgrounds (excluding Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres), Goofy Speedway does not have a Toon Headquarters, a Gag Shop, a Clothing Shop, a Pet Shop, a party gate, or any of its own streets.


Tickets are the main currency of Goofy Speedway. They are used to purchase accessories, new karts, and join battle races. Practice races are free, while individual battle races can cost from 50 to 400 tickets. Entering a Grand Prix, which involves a series of three battle races in a row, costs 500 to 1,000 tickets.


Racing is a side activity located at Goofy Speedway where up to four Toons can race in karts on a variety of tracks to earn tickets, which can then be used to enter more races, or upgrade their karts and purchase accessories for them. There are three types of racing events: Practice, Toon Battle, and Grand Prix.

Six tracks are available:


In a practice race, one or more Toons can participate in a practice run that does not count toward racing achievements. Toons cannot collect boxes, so the practice racers have no special attacks. However, no deposit of tickets is required and each Toon will receive 20 tickets for finishing within the qualifying time.


In battle races, Toons compete with each other and cannot start a race alone. Unlike practices, battles have bigger ticket payouts and require ticket deposits which are forfeited if the Toon does not finish within the qualifying time. The higher place a Toon gets, the more tickets they will receive. Boxes will appear at various points on the track. Upon collecting a box by driving over it, the Toon will get a randomly chosen attack item to use in that race. If competitors quit or are disconnected during a battle race, leaving a single Toon still racing, the battle race will revert to practice mode for that Toon.


Each racing battle attack serves a different purpose:

  • Banana peel - the Toon drops a banana peel behind their kart that momentarily stuns any racer if touched.
  • Pie - the Toon throws a giant pie that momentarily covers any racer's screen with white cream if hit.
  • Turbo boost - the Toon speeds up for a limited period, like a normal track boost.
  • Anvil - the Toon drops an anvil on the leading racer, stunning them momentarily and potentially allowing other racers to catch up or pass them. This is a similar function to the Blue Shell in the Mario Kart video game series.


The following controls are default but can be altered via the Options menu based on the player’s personal preferences.

Control Action
Arrow keys (← ↑ ↓→) Move left, forward, backward, or right
Ctrl Use an attack
Shift Honk the vehicle's horn


Toons can receive trophies from battle racing. For every ten trophies a Toon collects, they will obtain a large trophy and a laff boost; a total of three laff boosts can be obtained. By obtaining all trophies to max racing, the Toon is awarded the Silly Supercharger Outfit.

Row 1

Trophy Description Circuit Method
1 1 speedway race qualified Speedway Qualify 1 speedway race
2 10 speedway races qualified Speedway Qualify 10 speedway races
3 50 speedway races qualified Speedway Qualify 50 speedway races
4 1 rural race qualified Rural Qualify 1 rural race
5 10 rural races qualified Rural Qualify 10 rural races
6 50 rural races qualified Rural Qualify 50 rural races
7 1 urban race qualified Urban Qualify 1 urban race
8 10 urban races qualified Urban Qualify 10 urban races
9 50 urban races qualified Urban Qualify 50 urban races
10 100 races qualified Any Qualify 100 races

Row 2

Trophy Description Circuit Method
11 1 speedway race won Speedway Win 1 speedway race
12 5 speedway races won Speedway Win 10 speedway races
13 25 speedway races won Speedway Win 25 speedway races
14 1 rural race won Rural Win 1 rural race
15 5 rural races won Rural Win 10 rural races
16 25 rural races won Rural Win 25 rural races
17 1 urban race won Urban Win 1 urban race
18 5 urban races won Urban Win 10 urban races
19 25 urban races won Urban Win 25 urban races
20 50 races won Any Win 50 races

Row 3

Trophy Description Circuit Method
21 1 tournament race qualified Any Qualify 1 tournament race
22 3 tournament races qualified Any Qualify 3 tournament races
23 5 tournament races qualified Any Qualify 5 tournament races
24 7 tournament races qualified Any Qualify 7 tournament races
25 9 tournament race qualified Any Qualify 9 tournament races
26 11 tournament races qualified Any Qualify 11 tournament races
27 13 tournament races qualified Any Qualify 13 tournament races
28 15 tournament races qualified Any Qualify 15 tournament races
29 5 tournament races won Any Win 5 tournament races
30 Grand Touring All Play all 12 courses once

Laff boosts

Trophy Description Circuit Method
31 Laff boost #1 Any Earn 10 trophies
32 Laff boost #2 Any Earn 20 trophies
33 Laff boost #3 Any Earn all 30 trophies


  • All courses were implemented to Toontown Rewritten starting November 23, 2013. Grand Prix, however, was not implemented until September 1, 2017.
  • In Toontown Online, Goofy used to roam the playground. He no longer appears because Toontown Rewritten wanted to prevent from calling attention to the Disney characters by simply not including them in their playgrounds.[1]
  • Goofy Speedway is one of two playgrounds, alongside Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres, where Toons can teleport instantly without completing any ToonTasks. This makes a good shortcut for beginners to Toontown Central.
  • If a Toon drives to the wrong direction of the track, a message would appear, notifying the player.
  • A Toon can park their kart at a spot in Goofy Speedway for a short period of time. Once the timer runs out, the Toon hops off and the kart vanishes.
  • Accessories can be purchased with tickets in Goofy's Kart Shop. However, these accessories will not enable a Toon or their kart with any racing advantage, and are meant to be dress-up.
  • A blog post titled "Daily Alpha Update: Need for Speed" published by Sir Max, which announced the opening of City Circuit and Blizzard Boulevard, referenced Electronic Arts' Need for Speed video game series, as it also references how majority of the games in the series involve street racing.[2]
  • As of the 2.9.0 update released on June 27, 2021, racing trophy requirements were reduced and kart physics were overhauled.
  • As of the 2.9.5 update released on August 3, 2021, qualifying times for all race tracks were reduced and kart physics were improved based on community feedback.