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Goofy Speedway
Goofy Speedway.png
Basic information
Population 4 Toons
Number of buildings 1
Connects to
Toontown Central

Goofy Speedway is a neighborhood located west of Toontown Central and is where Toons can purchase a kart at Goofy's Kart Shop to start racing. Teleport access to the playground is automatically granted to Toons upon their first visit.

Unlike all other playgrounds (excluding Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres), Goofy Speedway does not have a Toon Headquarters, a Gag Shop, a Clothing Shop, a Pet Shop, a party gate, or any of its own streets.


  • In Toontown Online, Goofy used to roam the playground. He no longer appears because Toontown Rewritten wanted to prevent from calling attention to the Disney characters by simply not including them in their playgrounds.[1]
  • Goofy Speedway is one of two playgrounds, alongside Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres, where Toons can teleport instantly without completing any ToonTasks. This makes a good shortcut for beginners to Toontown Central.
  • A Toon can park their kart at a spot in Goofy Speedway for a short period of time. Once the timer runs out, the Toon hops off and the kart vanishes.