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Golf Cart

Golf Carts are the method that Toons use to enter MiniGolf courses at Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf, and the Cog Golf Courses at Bossbot HQ. Golf Carts work similarly to the elevators used in Cog Facilities throughout Toontown, allowing four Toons to board and having a limited amount of time before they depart. They are always placed in front of dark tunnels, and drive forward into the tunnel when either time runs out, or all Toons board the cart. After the cart drives into the tunnel another one rises out of the ground.


  • There are three golf carts for each of the three different MiniGolf courses, and each have a slightly different hue.
  • The Golf Carts in Bossbot HQ have a grey appearance, matching the aesthetic of the Cogs.
  • The C.E.O. was originally supposed to be stationed on a Golf Cart in Toontown Online.
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