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Glass of Water battle
Glass of Water
Glass of Water Icon
Basic information
Track: Squirt
Level: 2
Accuracy: High
Base accuracy: 95
Affects: One Cog
Minimum damage: 6
Maximum damage: 8
Organic boost: 7-9
Carry capacity
Minimum: 5
Maximum: 25
Preceded by:
Squirting Flower

Squirting Flower

Succeeded by:
Squirt Gun

Squirt Gun

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Sound files
AA squirt glasswater
AA squirt glasswater miss

The Glass of Water is the level two Squirt gag. Once a Toon earns 50 Squirt skill points, he/she will gain the Squirt Gun.


  • This gag appears to be a part of the Toon-Up gag, High Dive.
    • During High Dive, the Toon climbs a ladder to a diving board, and jumps into a Glass of Water gag.
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