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Gardening is an activity where Toons can start and grow their own garden at their estate with the gardening kit that they purchase from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Once a Toon receives their gardening kit, a guide is shown, then tree plots and gardening trays appear around their house. Gardening involves three main activities: growing flowers, growing trees, and erecting decorative sculptures.

  • Toons can earn a total of four laff boosts by obtaining gardening trophies from their flower growing. A gardening trophy is awarded for each group of 10 different flowers a Toon plants, with different flowers available according to their progress in gardening.
  • Toons may also plant up to eight gag trees, which increases the planted gag's damage by 10% (rounded down) or increase its accuracy.
  • With sufficient gardening skill, Toons also can purchase garden supplies to plant decorative statues or sculptures.

Shovels and watering cans are the primary gardening tools, and they improve with use.

Watering cans

There are currently four different watering cans Toons can use to garden. To earn another watering can, Toons must water trees and flowers a specific amount of times, whether on their own estate or elsewhere. After each watering can advancement, water points are reset for the next watering can level. Each consecutive watering can has a higher amount of points to complete.

The game displays a notice after each use of the watering can, whether a watering can point was earned or not. Over-watering earns no points, and watering with an already maxed Huge watering can earn no points. The only benefit of an upgraded watering can is to reduce the frequency needed for watering. Refer to the following table for further information.

Watering can Points Days per water (max 16) Amount of times can be watered
(0-49 XP)
0 2 days 8
(50+ XP)
50 4 days 4
Medium 100 6 days 3
Large 200 8 days 2
Huge 400 10 days 2


Toons have the opportunity to use four different shovels to garden, each of which has two levels and earns shovel points. To gain shovel points, a Toon must plant and pick fully grown flowers of the highest level of jellybean combinations their shovel permits. To earn the next level or the next shovel, Toons must continue to plant, pick, and replant their maximum-level flowers a specific number of times. Doing so earns one point per flower when picked, and a "+1 Shovel Skill" notice appears.

Shovel skill.jpg

Each shovel type has two levels and requires increasingly more points to achieve. Shovel points for each type (Tin, Bronze, Silver, Gold) begin at zero to count toward the next shovel type. Once the shovel level advances, flowers from the prior smaller jellybean combinations may still be planted, but those do not not earn shovel points. Refer to the following table for further information.

Shovel Points Jellybean combination required to advance
Tin 0 - 39 1 jellybean
Tin 40 - 79 2 jellybeans
Bronze 0 - 79 3 jellybeans
Bronze 80 - 159 4 jellybeans
Silver 0 - 159 5 jellybeans
Silver 160 - 319 6 jellybeans
Gold 0 - 319 7 jellybeans
Gold 320 - 639 8 jellybeans

Shovel types and levels are important primarily for the advancement of a Toon's flower collection, since a gardening trophy (and a laff point) is earned for each set of 10 new flower types in the Shticker Book. The shovel type does not affect the gardening of gag trees, but maximizing the shovel's skill level does enable a Toon to access certain decorative sculptures and statues.

Even after harvesting all types of flowers and earning the fourth gardening laff point, the Gold shovel would not yet be fully maxed. Toons must continue to plant and harvest eight-jellybean flowers until their Gold shovel skill reaches its limit.


There are eight different main categories of flowers that a Toon may plant. These include Daffodils, Lilies, Daisies, Pansies, Carnations, Roses, Tulips, and Petunias. Each flower category has at least two varieties of species, for a total of 40 different flowers.

Planting a flower

A Toon can plant a flower outside their house in various pots or window boxes, with up to 10 flower planting spots available at a time. Using the "Plant" function prompts a jellybean generator to appear. In order to plant a flower, a certain combination and order of jellybeans must be selected.

Jellybean combinations for flowers

Different jellybean color combinations create different flowers. The combinations must be chosen in order, otherwise they may plant a different flower or no flower at all.

Below are the jellybean combinations for each type of flower. Jellybeans for flowers use eight different colors: red, green, orange, violet, blue, pink, yellow, and cyan.

One-jellybean combinations

Flower type Combination
Laff-o-dil Green jellybean.png
Dandy Pansy Orangejellybean.png
What-in Carnation Pinkjellybean.png
School Daisy Yellowjellybean.png
Lily-of-the-Alley Cyan.png

Two-jellybean combinations

Flower type Combination
Daffy Dill Green jellybean.png Cyan.png
Chim Pansy Orangejellybean.png Cyan.png
Instant Carnation Pinkjellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png
Lazy Daisy Yellowjellybean.png Redjellybean.png
Lily Pad Cyan.png Green jellybean.png

Three-jellybean combinations

Flower type Combination
Summer's Last Rose Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png
Potsen Pansy Orangejellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png
Hybrid Carnation Pinkjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png
Midsummer Daisy Yellowjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Green jellybean.png
Tiger Lily Cyan.png Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png

Four-jellybean combinations

Flower type Combination
Corn Rose Redjellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png
Giraff-o-dil Green jellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png
Marzi Pansy Orangejellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Redjellybean.png
Freshasa Daisy Yellowjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Cyan.png Orangejellybean.png
Livered Lily Cyan.png Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png

Five-jellybean combinations

Flower type Combination
Time and a half-o-dil Green jellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png
Onelip Purplejellybean.png Redjellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png
Side Carnation Pinkjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Green jellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Redjellybean.png
Whoopsie Daisy Yellowjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png
Chili Lily Cyan.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png

Six-jellybean combinations

Flower type Combination
Tinted Rose Redjellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Redjellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png
Smarty Pansy Orangejellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png
Twolip Purplejellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png
Upsy Daisy Yellowjellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Cyan.png Purplejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png
Silly Lily Cyan.png Redjellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png

Seven-jellybean combinations

Flower type Combination
Stinking Rose Redjellybean.png Cyan.png Orangejellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Cyan.png Cyan.png
Car Petunia Bluejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Cyan.png Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png
Model Carnation Pinkjellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Green jellybean.png
Crazy Daisy Yellowjellybean.png Green jellybean.png Redjellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png
Indubitab Lily Cyan.png Purplejellybean.png Cyan.png Bluejellybean.png Cyan.png Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png

Eight-jellybean combinations

Flower type Combination
Istilla Rose Redjellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png Bluejellybean.png
Threelip Purplejellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png
Platoonia Bluejellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png Pinkjellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Redjellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png
Hazy Dazy Yellowjellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Cyan.png Purplejellybean.png Redjellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png
Dilly Lilly Cyan.png Bluejellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Cyan.png Bluejellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png Yellowjellybean.png

Selling flowers

Flowers can be sold at the wheelbarrow located in a Toon's estate after harvesting. The sale price is twice the cost of the flower. For example, six-jellybean flowers have a sale value of 12 jellybeans each, seven-jellybean flowers have a sale value of 14 jellybeans each, and so on.


Clarabelle's Cattlelog offers garden supplies that can be planted as statues or sculptures in a specified area of a Toon's garden. The statues resemble certain Disney characters (four types) or a Toon (four poses), or three miscellaneous sculptures. Some statues cannot be planted before a Toon reaches a certain requirement.

Planting a statue

A Toon can plant a statue outside their house in the small gray podium after purchasing the statue from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Using the "Plant" function prompts a jellybean generator to appear. In order to plant a statue, a certain number of jellybeans must be selected.

Jellybean combinations for statues

Different jellybean colors create different statues. Unlike flowers, a statue does not require combining different colored jellybeans, but rather, a certain number of a single jellybean color.

Below are the required jellybeans for each type of statue. Six different jellybean colors are used for statues: red, green, orange, violet, blue, and silver. The silver color is used only for certain statues or sculptures, and not for planting flowers.

Statue name and cost Combination
Donald Statue (125 jellybeans) Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png
Mickey Statue (250 jellybeans) Silver.png Silver.png Silver.png Silver.png
Minnie Statue (500 jellybeans) Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png Purplejellybean.png
Mickey Fountain (1,000 jellybeans) Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png Orangejellybean.png
Toon Wave Statue (5,000 jellybeans) Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png Redjellybean.png
Toon Victory Statue (5,000 jellybeans) Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png Green jellybean.png
Toon Authority Statue (5,000 jellybeans) Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png Bluejellybean.png
Toon Embrace Statue (5,000 jellybeans) Silver.png Silver.png Silver.png Silver.png Silver.png Silver.png Silver.png Silver.png
Melting Snowman (25 jellybeans) Silver.png
Melting Snowdoodle (50 jellybeans) Silver.png
Flappy Cog (50 jellybeans) Silver.png

Gag trees

Main page: Gag trees

Gag trees can grow gags. Once planted, watered, and fully grown, the tree boosts the power of that gag in battle. This is called an "organic bonus". Once per day, a Toon may also pick gags from the tree to place in their gag pouch. Toons can plant a gag tree on any of eight available spots around their estate, by choosing the gag from their inventory. However, in order to plant any level 2+ gag, the preceding gag in that track first must be planted. For example, the Feather, Megaphone, and Lipstick must be planted before the Bamboo Cane can be planted. If a lower level gag tree is removed, higher level trees are unable to produce gags or organic bonuses.

Under normal circumstances, a tree takes a total of three days to grow per level of the gag. This means that a level 7 gag tree takes three weeks to grow.

Growth time
Gag level Number of days
1 3
2 6
3 9
4 12
5 15
6 18
7 21

As with flowers, the time required to grow a gag tree can be shortened during special events when gardening is accelerated. Gag tree blooming is also accelerated, so gags can be picked more than once per day during the event.

Organic bonus

The organic bonus increases damage for offensive gags, increases healing for Toon-Up gags, and increases accuracy for Lure gags. The bonus actually becomes active the day before a tree is fully grown (for example, 11 days after planting a gag tree with a level 4 gag). Gags with the organic bonus active are known as "organic gags".


Main page: Toon-Up
Gag Image Heal Organic heal
Feather Icon.png
8-10 11
Megaphone Icon.png
15-18 19
Lipstick Icon.png
27-30 33
Bamboo Cane
Bamboo Cane Icon.png
40-45 49
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust Icon.png
50-60 55-66
Juggling Cubes
Juggling Cubes Icon.png
75-102 82-115
High Dive
High Dive Icon.png
210 231


Main page: Trap
Gag Image Damage Organic damage
Banana Peel
Banana Peel Icon.png
10-12 11-13
Rake Icon.png
18-20 19-22
Marbles Icon.png
30-35 33-38
Quicksand Icon.png
45-50 49-55
Trapdoor Icon.png
75-85 83-94
TNT Icon.png
90-180 99-198
Railroad Icon.png
200 220


Main page: Lure
Gag Image Base accuracy Organic base accuracy
$1 Bill
$1 Bill Icon.png
50% 60%
Small Magnet
Small Magnet Icon.png
50% 60%
$5 Bill
$5 Bill Icon.png
60% 70%
Big Magnet
Big Magnet Icon.png
60% 70%
$10 Bill
$10 Bill Icon.png
70% 80%
Hypno Goggles
Hypno Goggles Icon.png
70% 80%
Presentation Icon.png
95% 95%


Main page: Sound
Gag Image Damage Organic damage
Bike Horn
Bike Horn Icon.png
3-4 4-5
Whistle Icon.png
5-7 6-8
Bugle Icon.png
9-11 10-12
Aoogah Icon.png
14-16 15-17
Elephant Trunk
Elephant Trunk Icon.png
19-21 20-23
Foghorn Icon.png
25-50 27-55
Opera Singer
Opera Singer Icon.png
90 99


Main page: Throw
Gag Image Damage Organic damage
Cupcake Icon.png
4-6 5-7
Fruit Pie Slice
Fruit Pie Slice Icon.png
8-10 9-11
Cream Pie Slice
Cream Pie Slice Icon.png
14-17 15-18
Whole Fruit Pie
Whole Fruit Pie Icon.png
24-27 26-29
Whole Cream Pie
Whole Cream Pie Icon.png
36-40 39-44
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake Icon.png
48-100 52-110
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake Icon.png
120 132


Main page: Squirt
Gag Image Damage Organic damage
Squirting Flower
Squirting Flower Icon.png
3-4 4-5
Glass of Water
Glass of Water Icon.png
6-8 7-9
Squirt Gun
Squirt Gun Icon.png
10-12 11-13
Seltzer Bottle
Seltzer Bottle Icon.png
18-21 19-23
Fire Hose
Fire Hose Icon.png
27-30 29-33
Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud Icon.png
36-80 39-88
Geyser Icon.png
105 115


Main page: Drop
Gag Image Damage Organic damage
Flower Pot
Flower Pot Icon.png
10 11
Sandbag Icon.png
18 19
Anvil Icon.png
30 33
Big Weight
Big Weight Icon.png
45 49
Safe Icon.png
60-70 66-77
Grand Piano
Grand Piano Icon.png
85-170 93-187
Toontanic Icon.png
180 198

Plant growth

Flowers and gag trees grow at 12:00 AM Pacific Time on a daily basis for any gardening activity that was done before said time. For example, if a flower or gag tree is planted and watered at 11:59 PM, it grows at 12:00 AM. Under normal circumstances, if it is planted at 11:59 PM, but watered at 12:00 AM, it does not grow until 12:00 AM the following day. However, if a Toon is at their estate while the clock rolls over to 12:00 AM, the game does not update their garden until they leave, making any gardening done during this time count for the previous day; for example, if a Toon arrives at their estate at 11:59 PM and waits until 12:03 AM to garden, their plants grow once they leave their estate.


For every 10 flowers planted, Toons earn a gardening trophy and a laff boost. There are four trophies in total for 40 flowers, which accumulates to four laff boosts.

Trophies include:

  • Shovels
  • Flower
  • Watering Can

By planting 40 flowers and therefore earning the above trophies to max gardening, the Treemendous Gardener Outfit is awarded to Toons. A maxed shovel and watering can are not required to obtain the outfit.


  • For one week after gardening was released to Toontown Rewritten on December 6, 2014, Toons could redeem the code, "gardening-is-go", in the Shticker Book to obtain a free gardening kit without having to wait for their next Cattlelog issue.
  • Only one of each gag can be planted per garden.
  • When the "Speedy Garden Growth" Silly Team is awarded after the Silly Meter maxes if it wins, Toons' gardens grow every 6 hours (at 12:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 6:00 PM Pacific Time) without depleting water.