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Gags are hilarious jokes used by Toons to defeat the Cogs. Every beginner Toon starts off with Cupcake and Squirting Flower from the Throw and Squirt tracks respectively, but can obtain higher level gags by earning skill points, and earn new gag tracks by completing ToonTasks for animation frames. Once a Toon has access to a certain gag, they can buy more of them at Goofy's Gag Shop in any playground for one jellybean each.

Skill points are earned every time a gag is successfully used on a Cog if that Cog's level is not below the level of the gag. For example, a level four gag will not gain any skill points when used against a Cog that is level 1-3.

Toons carry their gags in a gag pouch. There are ToonTasks that grant upgraded gag pouches, allowing Toons to carry up to a total of 80 gags after completing every ToonTask.

Gags can be viewed via the Shticker Book, or by pressing default "Home" key on Windows and by pressing the default “Function" key and the left arrow key at the same time on macOS.

Gag tracks

Gags are divided into seven tracks with a variety of gags possessing different attributes. Before getting a new gag track, the Toon has to complete ToonTasks for 16 animation frames of the gag track the Toon picked for training. For more information on the attributes of the gags, refer to the respective pages linked below in each section. 


Main page: Toon-Up
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Toon-Up gags are used for the purpose of healing other Toons during a Cog battle. Some affect only one Toon, while others can be used on all Toons in a battle aside from the user. Toon-Up gags cannot be used unless there is more than one Toon participating in a battle, and cannot be used on oneself. The primary accuracy for Toon-Up gags is medium.


Main page: Trap
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Trap gags are one of the most powerful gag tracks that are only effective when used along with Lure gags. Once used, they are set down in front of the Cog but requires the Cog to be lured with a Lure gag in order to activate the trap and deal damage. They cannot be set down in front of a Cog that already is lured, or in front of a Cog that already has a different Trap gag set down. Using a Trap gag on top of another for the same targeted Cog cancels both gags out. The primary accuracy for Trap gags is perfect as long as the Cog is lured.


Main page: Lure
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Lure gags are as they are described: their purpose is to lure Cogs. Once Cogs are lured, they remain stunned and cannot attack for a certain amount of turns, which changes per Lure gag upgrade. Additionally, Throw and Squirt gags gain a 50% knockback damage bonus on lured Cogs; Trap gags are activated by the usage of Lure; and Drop gags used on lured Cogs will always miss. The primary accuracy for Lure gags is low.


Main page: Sound
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Sound gags allow Toons to attack all Cogs in a battle at once while sacrificing attack power; the Sound gag track deals the least damage out of all the damage-dealing gag tracks (when a single Toon uses Sound). However, if there are four Toons using Sound in a battle, the Sound gags do the most damage collectively. Using a Sound gag on a lured Cog will remove their stun effect. The primary accuracy for Sound gags is high.


Main page: Throw
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Throw gags are one of the two primary gag tracks that Toons start off with. This track is given by Tutorial Tom upon entering the Toontorial. Tutorial Tom will give all Toons the first two gags of the Throw and Squirt track: the Cupcake and the Squirting Flower. The primary accuracy for Throw gags is medium.


Main page: Squirt
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Squirt gags are second of the two primary gag tracks that Toons start off with. This track is given by Tutorial Tom upon entering the Toontorial. Tutorial Tom will give all Toons the first two gags of the Throw and Squirt track: the Cupcake and the Squirting Flower. The primary accuracy for Squirt gags is high.


Main page: Drop
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Drop gags are second of the most powerful gag tracks that is used last in a Cog battle. Unlike other gag tracks, Drop gags (except for the Grand Piano) do not receive any increases to their damage through gaining experience. Therefore, they have no minimum damage. When another Toon uses a gag (e.g. Throw or Squirt) in the same turn as the user of Drop, the Cog becomes "stunned", making the Drop gag more accurate for that turn. The primary accuracy for Drop gags is low.

Order of gag tracks

When completing a multitude of ToonTasks throughout the playgrounds, Toons can select which gag tracks they want to work for. Below is the order of gag tracks that can be chosen:

  1. Toontown Central – Toon-Up or Sound
  2. Donald's Dock – Lure or Drop
  3. Minnie's Melodyland – Trap or whatever is left from #1
  4. The Brrrgh – Whatever is left from #2 or #3

This leaves one gag track remaining that cannot be chosen.


All gags, except for Lure gags (they lure Cogs forward) and Toon-Up gags (they provide laff to Toons), deals a certain amount of damage. Each gag's damage ranges between two values: its minimum value, which is its value when earned with no further experience points; and its maximum value, which is its damage when unlocking the next gag in the Track. For instance, the Birthday Cake's minimum damage is 48, and its maximum damage is 100.

When earning experience points in a gag track, the damage of the last unlocked gag in the Toon's track will gradually approach its maximum value, based on how far he has reached until the next gag. Each certain number of points, the damage of the gag will be increased, and will depend on the range between the minimum and maximum damages, as well as by the range between the experience points from the point at which a gag is unlocked, and until the next gag is unlocked.

The number of points needed for each damage step can be expressed in the following way:

$ g = \frac{E_1 - E_0}{D_1 - D_0 + 1} $


  • g is the number of points needed to the next step (multiplied by the number of steps wanted, then rounded)
  • E0 is the number of EXP points at which the given gag is unlocked
  • E1 is the number of EXP points at which the next gag is unlocked
  • D0 is the gag's minimum damage
  • D1 is the gag's maximum damage

Level one to five Drop gags and level seven gags, whose min and max damages are the same, remain constant.

In order to find the number of EXP required to reach a certain damage, the following function can be used:

$ f(x) = E_0 + g (x - D_0) $


  • x is the wanted damage (not beyond the range between the min and max values)
  • E0, D0 and g are the values from the previous equation
  • f(x) returns the number of needed EXP for the wanted damage


  • The Cupcake and the Squirting Flower were the only gags Toons could buy and sell in Goofy's Gag Shop during the Alpha stage of Toontown Rewritten. This is because there were no Cogs or ToonTasks added to the game, so the Toons could not train their gag tracks or earn new ones.
  • The $1, $5, and $10 Lure gags are collectively known as the Cog Catchers.
  • Most Drop gags have no minimum damage, with the exception of the Grand Piano.
  • All gags except level seven gags can be purchased for one jellybean if that level is unlocked.
  • Level seven gags cannot be purchased from Goofy's Gag Shop. Once unlocked when 10,000 experience is earned, it takes 500 experience to earn another, unless a level seven gag has been planted as a gag tree. Only one level seven gag can be held at a time.
    • The level seven gags do not count towards the overall limit on gags that can be carried.
    • All level seven gags affect all Cogs (minus the High Dive which affects all Toons only).
  • When two or more of the same gag type is used on the same Cog (excluding Lure, Trap, and Toon-Up), the Cog will receive a 20% damage bonus.
    • For example, if a Throw gag is applied prior to a Wedding Cake in the same turn, all Cogs will receive a 20% damage bonus, no matter which Cog the initial throw was applied to.
  • Gags are usually shown in light blue boxes. Once the maximum point limit for that particular gag track has been reached, the boxes of all gags in that gag track will change to dark green for the remainder of the battle.
    • This is also the case when a Toon has a higher level of gags than the level of the Cog.
  • Using Drop or Toons Always Hit SOS cards does not make Drop gags effective against lured Cogs.
  • During the Twelve Days of Winter, some of the gags are given their own Christmas-themed look.
  • The maximum amount of experience points a Toon can receive per gag track in any battle is 300.


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