Gag trees

An estate with Throw gag trees

Gag trees are trees that can be grown in the estate's garden, upon buying the gardening kit from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Each Toon is given eight slots for gag trees around their house, where gags can be planted. Gag trees are used to grow organic gags, which have amplified attributes.


After buying the gardening kit, a Toon may walk on top of one of the gag slots and select a gag from their gag inventory that they wish to plant. A Toon may initially only plant level one gags, and will be able to plant the next gags in the same track by order, as long as they haven't dug out the lower gag trees from that track beforehand.

Every three days a gag tree grows bigger, and fully-grows from a range between three-21 days depending on the level of the gag with the number of days being directly proportional to the level of the gag (e.g. A level one gag would take three days to grow, a level two gag would take six days to grow etc). A fully-grown gag tree will produce the corresponding gag on its leaves. A Toon can collect these gags if the corresponding gag slot in their inventory is not full by walking towards the tree and pressing the "Pick" button. Collected gags will grow back the next day.

A tree will keep growing to its final form and remain that way as long as its surrounding soil remains hydrated. If a new day arrives with the soil being dehydrated, the tree would wilt (similar to how flowers also wilt). Wilted trees can be brought back to life by watering them, which will require an extra day for the tree to recover. After that, the tree will keep growing from the point at which it stopped.

A Toon may dig out a gag tree at any point, but if that tree has gags available to pick, the Toon must pick them before digging out the tree. If the Toon has several gag trees from the same track and digs out one of them, any gag tree that follows in order will stop producing gags or any gags then picked will simply give the Toon the gags without the organic bonus, until all of the previous gag trees have been planted and are fully-grown.


  • Watering gag trees contributes to their watering progress, which in turn gives the Toon a better watering can. Watering using larger cans makes the soil dehydrate more slowly.
  • A Toon is able to make a few of their gags more effective when battling the Cogs.

Organic gags

Main page: Organic gags

If a Toon has a fully-grown gag tree, the corresponding gag—whether collected from that tree, bought from Goofy's Gag Shop, or obtained via a gag barrel—will deal 10% more damage, with two exceptions: Toon-Up gags are given a 10% boost in healing, and Lure gag's propAcc becomes more accurate.

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