Pictured are the list of all known gags

Gag tracks are the seven different types of gags in Toontown Rewritten. All Toons start with Throw and Squirt, and then must choose their next track throughout the game. There are seven gag tracks, but Toons can only have six tracks in the end. Each gag track has its own accuracy, power, and effect.


Where to get the tracks

There are certain gag tracks a Toon can choose from in each playground with the exception of Daisy Gardens and Donald's Dreamland.

Toontown Central:

  • Toon-Up or Sound

Donald's Dock:

  • Drop or Lure

Minnie's Melodyland:

The Brrrgh:


  • When a Toon is asked to choose between two gag tracks, each track will be represented by the icon of its level two gag (e.g. Megaphone for Toon-Up).
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