A gag pouch refers to a certain amount of total gags that Toons can carry. The larger the pouch, the more gags a Toon is able to carry. Toons start with an ordinary gag pouch, which allows them to carry up to 20 gags. You can increase the size of your pouch by completing certain ToonTasks.

Playground Pouch name Gag capacity
Starter Small Pouch 20
Toontown Central Medium Pouch 25
Donald's Dock Large Pouch 30
Daisy Gardens Small Bag 35
Minnie's Melodyland Medium Bag 40
The Brrrgh Large Bag 50
Donald's Dreamland Small Backpack 60
Donald's Dreamland Medium Backpack 70
Donald's Dreamland Large Backpack 80


  • A gag pouch doesn't physically exist in the game.
  • Despite being generally known as a gag pouch, some of the ToonTasks refer to gag pouches as "backpack" and "bag" when the capacity increases further.
  • In Donald's Dreamland, you must complete three ToonTasks for gag pouches, which are offered one after another.
  • The first four ToonTasks for gag pouches increase the capacity by 5, whereas the last four increase it by 10.
  • Level 7 gags do not count towards the gag count, therefore Toons with 6 of these can hold a total of 86 gags.
  • It is believed that staff members can carry 95 gags, as revealed in an image from a blog post by Lil Oldman.
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