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Furniture is a set of items found in the estate. Furniture can be purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog for a certain number of jellybeans. All Toons' houses come with a predefined set of furniture, which includes:


Special-used furniture

Special-used furniture is furniture that a Toon requires to perform an activity. These activities include changing the Toons' appearance, accessing Clarabelle's Cattlelog, and storing or retrieving jellybeans.

The current known furniture with special capabilities includes:


Main page: Beds

All Toons begin with a bed in their house. As they receive new editions of Clarabelle's Cattlelog, they have the chance to purchase new beds. Beds currently have no interaction ability.

Cabinets & shelves

Main page: Cabinets and shelves

Cabinets and shelves are shown in Toontown with various uses, though a Toon cannot interact with them. This includes book shelves, and display cabinets that show off random objects.


Main page: Chairs

Chairs are one of the pieces of furniture a Toon has when they first enter Toontown. New chairs can be purchased with the cattlelog, when new editions arrive.


Main page: Couches

All Toons have a couch when they enter Toontown. These cannot be interacted with, and are merely cosmetic.


Main page: Decorations

Decorations are cosmetic pieces of furniture that do not fit into any of the other listed categories. Wall decorations are another type of decoration, but are listed in Clarabelle's Cattlelog as paintings instead.


Main page: Rugs

Rugs are a piece of furniture places on the floor of a Toon's estate. Two rugs come with a Toon's house when they enter Toontown.


Main page: Tables

Tables currently have no use in a Toon's house, aside from cosmetic appearance. A Toon has a small end table in their house when they enter Toontown.


Main page: Windows

Windows are pieces of furniture used to make the appearance outside of a Toon's house's window.

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