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Original concept art of Toontown

The original concept art of Toontown showing Funny Farm released by Jesse Schell.

Funny Farm is rumored to be a new type of playground. It is possible that it may be located off the outskirts of Minnie's Melodyland where the mysterious cloud remains.

Concept art from Disney's Toontown Online

Jesse Schell, who had worked on Disney's Toontown Online, had conceptualized the map of Toontown, which included the former Toontown Central playground, as well as Funny Farm and a Construction Zone. In this concept art, Funny Farm was linked to Goofy Speedway, Donald's Dreamland, and Minnie's Melodyland. Additionally, the area themed around the monochromatic feel of historic cartoons in which cartoons were played without color.[1]


  • Slappy once stated that he wanted to create a new playground related to cartoons without color, if he was elected as president during the Toon Council Presidential Elections. He may have been referring to Funny Farm.


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