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Fruit Pie Slice battle
Fruit Pie Slice
Fruit Pie Slice Icon
Basic information
Track: Throw
Level: 2
Accuracy: Medium
Base accuracy: 75
Affects: One Cog
Minimum damage: 8
Maximum damage: 10
Organic boost: 9-11
Carry capacity
Minimum: 5
Maximum: 25
Preceded by:


Succeeded by:
Cream Pie Slice

Cream Pie Slice

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Sound files
AA pie throw only

The Fruit Pie Slice is the level two Throw gag. It succeeds the Cupcake and precedes the Cream Pie Slice.


The Fruit Pie Slice is the second Throw gag a Toon receives once they have scored at least ten skill points in Throw. A Toon is first only able to carry only five Fruit Pie Slices, but the limit increases to ten once the Toon receives the next Throw gag, the Cream Pie Slice. Once the Birthday Cake gag is earned, the maximum amount of Fruit Pie Slices increases to twenty-five.


  1. The Toon pulls out a Fruit Pie Slice.
  2. The Toon brings that Fruit Pie Slice backwards, as if the Toon is getting ready to throw.
  3. The Toon throws the Fruit Pie Slice.
  4. The Cog gets hit or the Cog dodges the Fruit Pie Slice by jumping to the right.


  • This is one of four gags with counter parts.
  • Its counter part is the Whole Fruit Pie, which is the fourth Throw gag a Toon can earn.
  • During Christmas time, the Fruit Pie Slices looks like a fruitcake slice.


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