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In real life, social media, or online gaming, a friend is someone whom one knows and has a bond of mutual affection. On Toontown Rewritten, when a Toon sends a friend request to another Toon that gets accepted, that Toon becomes viewable on the sender's friend list. A Toon can whisper to their friend, view their Toon panel, teleport to them, and delete them from the friend list, even when that Toon is in a different location. When engaging in battle with a Cog on the street, a Toon can use a turn to call for the help of one of their friends.

Sending a friend request

There are two ways for a Toon to make friends:

  1. The first way is that a Toon can click on their friend list, click the hand, and then click on the respective Toon's name, which should send a friend request to them.
  2. Another way is to click on the Toon's name to view their panel and click on the "Add Friend" button, which should send a friend request to them.

Friend list

A friend list is a list that stores all of the Toon's friends. The maximum friends a Toon can have is 100 (formerly 50 in Toontown Online. Normal friends are Toons with green name tags, true friends are Toons with blue name tags, and doodles have an orange name tag. To find the friend list, click on the blue icon on the top right of the screen.

There are four sections in the friend list: Nearby Pets, Online Toon Friends, All Toon Friends, and the unused Online Player Friends.

  • Nearby Pets: Shows a Toon's doodles in the estate area.
  • Online Toon Friends: Shows all friends who are online.
  • All Toon Friends: Shows all friends that are either online or offline.
  • Online Player Friends: This was part of Toontown Online's Disney XD integration from March 1, 2007. While playing Toontown Online, players could whisper to those who were playing other Disney MMOs (eg. Pirates of the Caribbean Online) and/or users on the Disney XD website. When the Disney XD accounts were no longer supported, this portion of the friend list stopped working.


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