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Foghorn Icon
Basic information
Track: Sound
Level: 6
Accuracy: High
Affects: All Cogs
Minimum damage: 25
Maximum damage: 50
Organic boost: 27-55
Carry capacity
Minimum: 3
Maximum: 3
Preceded by:
Elephant Trunk

Elephant Trunk

Succeeded by:
Opera Singer

Opera Singer

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Sound files
SZ DD foghorn

The Foghorn (also commonly known as "fog") is the level six Sound gag. It succeeds the Elephant Trunk and precedes the Opera Singer.


Once the Toon earns 7500 skill points they will earn the Foghorn. At 10,000 skill points toons will earn the Opera Singer and deal the maximum 50 damage to all cogs. However, the max number of foghorns held by toons at once will remain at three.


  1. The Toon pulls out a megaphone with a Foghorn sticking out of it.
  2. The Toon takes an exaggerated breath.
  3. The Toon blows into the megaphone.
  4. The Foghorn spins, while the foghorn's sound is heard.
  5. The Foghorn vanishes, and the megaphone also vanishes.
  6. The Cogs get stunned for a few seconds, then wipe their sleeves.


The gag will increase in power by one damage point for every 100 exp earned.

Technical Information

The sound file for the Fog Horn is located in Phase_5\Audio\sfx. The file name is SZ_DD_foghorn.ogg Which is an Ogg/Vorbis file.


  • In reality, a Foghorn is louder than an Opera Singer.
  • The Foghorn sound is used when the boat in Donald's Dock stops.
  • When the Toontanic misses, the Foghorn sound is played.
  • The Foghorn is the weakest level 6 gag, however it is capable of causing up to 200 damage among all the Cogs together.
    • This means that 4 max damage Foghorns can take out all current Cogs in battle, as they do up to 200 damage in unison, plus combined gag damage.
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