Flippy Booth

This pie stand was created by Flippy himself that is used to hold an infinite amount of Whole Cream Pies. It was first seen at the Toon Council Presidential Elections for one of Flippy's campaign in order to win votes. Since then, it has been used at ToonFest events to defeat Cogs and speed up or slow down the ToonFest Tower, as well as future Pie Day events for the sole purpose of grabbing pies.


To match Flippy's appearance, the base is modeled off of Flippy's shirt, which is orange with two red stripes. Two hands come out of the top, one holding a sign, and the other holding a red wheelbarrow full of pies.


Toon Council Presidential Elections

Created by Flippy to win himself votes, the stand became a place to receive pies to throw around Toontown. Flippy stood beside his stand to hand out pies to everyone who came by.


Immediately after Slappy won the election, the Cogs invaded Toontown. Doctor Surlee instructed all Toons to take pies from Flippy's stand and use them to defeat the Cogs. After the Director of Ambush Marketing was defeated, the Toontown Rewritten Alpha stage ended, and the election stand was moved.


Located near the center of the ToonFest area, the stand returns to hand out pies for Toons to defeat Cog dummies. When the dummies are defeated, the ToonFest Tower speeds up or slows down.

Pie Day

Just like the Toon Council Presidential Elections, it is located in the same spot in front of the Toontown Library, but with a different sign that says "Happy Pie Day!".


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