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Physical description
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"I love the smell of pie in the morning."

Flippy Doggenbottom is an NPC dog Toon who is known as president of the Toon Council. He is first seen at Tutorial Terrace in front of a tunnel leading to Toontown Central where he introduces SpeedChat and SpeedChat+ to the newest Toontown citizen. Afterward, he is found at his personal office in Toon Hall.


Early life

"I first moved in to Toontown in 1999, just a year after construction started. Oh boy, I remember that day like it was yesterday!"

It is unknown where Flippy originally resided, but he moved into Toontown in 1999, a year after construction of the town started. Because he considered Mickey as his humble hero and enjoyed seeing his movies, Flippy was always eager to move into Toontown after hearing about it throughout his time. Before moving into Toontown, he attended Tooniversity to gain a degree in "Loony Literature and Animated Adjectives", which he successfully earned a year later. A few months after earning the degree, Mickey sent a letter to Flippy accepting his application, allowing him to enter Toontown as one of the very first citizens.

Moving into Toontown

"Talking to Surlee is what really made me want to help this town. I didn't want to be an average toon, I wanted to be something bigger. I wanted to help."

Flippy traveled to the Toontown Central playground upon riding through the tracks of the Trolley and befriended a lime dog by the name of Sir Max who was handing out free Bamboo Rods to Toons at the time. After meeting Sir Max, Flippy encountered a construction site of Goofy Speedway where another nearby Toon named Doctor Surlee was inspecting the construction site with his blueprints. Because of Doctor Surlee's intelligence, Flippy wanted to refrain from being an average Toon by lending his hand in helping Toontown since he and Surlee shared many similar ideas. Mickey offered Flippy a position to run in the Toon Council Presidential Elections as a candidate due to his loyal help for Toontown. At some point, Flippy would also eventually become good friends with a Toon named Slappy, another candidate running in the elections.

Toon Council Presidential Elections

"With a heavy heart, I hearby accept the Toon Council Presidency. Only until the Cogs are gone though. If we're going to get rid of them, we have to stand together. Toons of the world... UNITE!"
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To kick off his campaigning for the Toon Council Presidential Elections, Flippy allowed Toons to become a Black Cat during Toontown's first Halloween year in October 31, 2013. On New Year's Day in 2014, Flippy launched fireworks as another part of his campaign. Finally, when the Toon Troopers prepared the elections by decorating Toontown Central with props after Alec Tinn's debut, Flippy created his very own pie stand to offer an infinite amount of delicious Whole Cream Pies to all Toons.

As the campaigns from both candidates went underway, Flippy grew a sense of jealously upon learning that Slappy's wacky personality led to him gaining even more laff points. Because he believed that Slappy was hurting his campaigns, Flippy invested in searching for Doctor Surlee's blueprint on laff. Flippy only ended up with 38 total laff, while Slappy had 42.

Despite gaining a lot of favor from Toons during the voting period of the elections, Flippy still ended up with less votes than Slappy and ultimately lost. However, a Yesman arrived at the scene and saddened Slappy right before every Toon's eyes. As he demanded where Slappy was transported to, Flippy quickly defeated the Yesman using one of his Whole Cream Pies. Moments afterward, the Cogs unleashed Doomsday. With the help of Toons defending Toontown Central, Flippy was able to defeat the Director of Ambush Marketing by using a Whole Cream Pie, a Birthday Cake, and a Wedding Cake. Because Flippy was the only leader Toontown had left, Alec Tinn and Doctor Surlee suggested that he should become president of the Toon Council which Flippy reluctantly accepted.

Presidential duties

"Just a week ago I assembled the Toon Council for our very first official meeting to talk about the future. Boy, was that a mess."

After the Toon Council Presidential Elections had ended, Flippy gained his own temporary office at Toon Hall until reconstruction for the building was completed. During a Toon Council meeting at the time, Flippy appointed Lord Lowden Clear to assemble a new group of Toons called the Toon Resistance as its leader, and discussed with Doctor Surlee about his construction plans for Toon Hall. As president of the Toon Council, Flippy strives to keep Toontown the wackiest town in the Tooniverse.


Flippy hosts an annual Pie Day event to offer Whole Cream Pies to Toons. He also allows cats to become a Black Cat on October 31st of Toontown's Halloween event.

SOS Toon

Flippy serves as a five-star Toon-Up SOS Toon. He uses a set of Juggling Cubes to restore a combined total of 137 laff to all Toons engaged in a Cog battle.

Flippy SOS card.png

Trading card

Flippy Doggenbottom, President of the Toon Council, was quite the underdog during the elections. After becoming the first Toon to figure out the Cog's weakness with one of his world-renowned cream pies, however, he was a literal hit! He's been one of the hardest working Toons in Toontown ever since, but he claims that he'll only remain president until his pal, Slappy, is found. Until then, you'll see him doing everything from greeting new Toons to opening new neighborhoods in an effort to keep Toontown the most Toontastic town in the Tooniverse!

Likes: Cream pies, Alliteration
Dislikes: Paperwork, Yesmen


  • Flippy was already president of the Toon Council in Toontown Online. According to Toontown Rewritten's storyline, the Toon Council Presidential Elections with Slappy being elected as president did happen in Toontown Online, but it was too late for him to be saved since he was presumably erased by the Cogs.
  • During the campaigning period of the Toon Council Presidential Elections, Flippy stood next to his pie stand and responded to certain SpeedChat phrases when Toons spoke to him.
  • Flippy accidentally crashed his airplane into Slappy's hot air balloon, which was implemented onto the back of Slappy's balloon with an HD texture in place.
  • Flippy defeated the Yesman that made Slappy go sad using his Whole Cream Pies, making him the first to discover the Cogs' weakness.
  • It can be visually seen that Flippy is slightly taller than the average medium-sized Toon. His size was likely increased as to prevent players from creating Toons that resemble him.
  • Flippy's SOS card is the highest Toon-Up SOS card available in the game.
  • Flippy's shorts with the same exact type and color can be purchased from the Clothing Shop in Donald's Dreamland, but the shirt he wears with the same color scheme can only be ordered or gifted from Clarabelle's Cattlelog when it is available for the Toon.