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This page contains information about content that has yet to be released to Toontown Rewritten. Read ahead for an exclusive look at what could potentially make its way into Toontown!
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A Field Office is a special variety of a Cog Building that incorporates a mini-game into its battle sequence. There are four types of Field Offices planned for release: Sellbot, Cashbot, Lawbot, and Bossbot. The Sellbot Field Offices were assigned to Mover & Shakers, and the Lawbot Field Offices will be assigned to Legal Eagles. There is a possibility that Cashbot Field Offices will likely be assigned to Money Bags, and Bossbot Field Offices will likely be assigned to The Big Cheeses. Each type of Field Office will have their own different kind of mini-game.


Sellbot Field Office

After entering the elevator, Toons will be transported to an office floor; on this floor are Cold Callers, Name Droppers, and four giant Movers & Shakers. Toons must defeat the Movers & Shakers by throwing water balloons at them. If you touch any of the Cogs, you will lose laff points. Toons can get water balloons from water coolers scattered in the area. The roaming Sellbots attempt to impede progress, much like the Cogs in the trolley games, Catching Game or Maze Game. Once you have defeated the four gigantic Movers & Shakers, you have 60 seconds to find the elevator and once you get in, you will receive a Toon-Up. Onwards, you have to defeat Cogs. Once you defeat all of them, you earn an SOS card and successfully defeat the Field Office.

Lawbot Field Office

After entering the elevator, Toons will be transported to an office floor; on this floor are different Lawbots, including a lot of Legal Eagles. Toons must reach to the elevator by flying in propellers. If you touch any of the Cogs, you will lose laff points. Be sure to watch out for the incoming Legal Eagles. Toons have propeller fuel and need to stop by propellers to get more fuel. You also need memos to prevent laff barrels from being destroyed in the Stomper Room. You can collect feathers to gain laff and red tape to protect you. Once you reached the elevator on time, you enter the Stomper Room to get as many laff barrels as you can before the Cogs arrive. The Cogs will arrive, and a battle will commence. The final floor is the executive suite, the same as in Sellbot Field Offices.

Cashbot Field Office


Bossbot Field Office



  • Field Offices were originally referred to in development as "Cog-dominiums".
  • Sellbot Field Offices were the only types of Field Offices in Toontown Online.
    • In the code for Toontown Online, as well as in the phase files, the Lawbot Field Offices were almost completely finished. However, they were never released in the game.
  • Ideas for Cashbot Field Offices in Toontown Online were leaked. The code mentions that Toons would have to use cranes to defeat Money Bags full of coins to prevent them from stealing laff barrels. Furthermore, artwork for this has been shown before, which can be seen here.[1]
    • Ideas for Bossbot Field Offices in Toontown Online were also leaked. The code mentions Toons crashing a meeting and having to get destruction memos to save the laff barrels. Furthermore, a rare screenshot has been shown of a Toon golfing in a supposed early Bossbot Field Office, which can be seen here.[2]
      • It is unknown if these Field Offices will have the same concepts in Toontown Rewritten.
  • During OMG!Con 2015, the Toontown Rewritten Team said that Field Offices will be released in a new way. It was hinted that new additions of Field Offices for Cashbot and Bossbot will also be released to the game.
  • According to Roger Dog, the models for both the Sellbot and Lawbot Field Offices will be redone with fewer polygons, in order to make for less lag inside the buildings.
  • The mini-game in the Sellbot Field Offices resembles the original version of Cog Thief that was in Toontown Online.
  • According to a memo, the Chairman will dedicate Field Offices to Movers & Shakers because of their great performance in Doomsday. In Toontown Online, the Movers & Shakers were given Field Offices by the Vice President because of their great performance in stealing jokes from Toons during multiple Sellbot Mega-Invasions.
  • Even though a Field Office is given mainly to a specific Cog, other Cogs of its suit type will also appear in battle.
  • It is the only type of Cog Building where captured SOS Toons are kept.


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