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A Field Office is a special variation of a Cog Building that incorporates minigames and a boss battle that offers new challenges for endgame players. Unlike ordinary Cog Buildings, a Field Office can take over the Toon Headquarters in all districts of a specific street, and will require the help of many Toons in order to defeat that Field Office. Separate groups of Toons are transported to a different annex of the Field Office as soon as the elevator doors reopen.

The first addition of Field Offices is the Sellbot Field Office from Toontown Online but with new changes and added difficulty.


Battle mechanics

The Sellbot Field Office is so devoid of silliness that certain gags become ineffective and can only be regained if Toons make their way through the minigames with ease. Once Toons enter the building, they start off with either Throw or Squirt and one additional gag track. Due to the lack of gag tracks, Toons are expected to devise new gag strategies, but SOS cards can still be used to assist in battle.

Mover & Shaker Maze Game

Toons need to grab water balloons from water coolers scattered across the maze room to defeat four large Mover & Shakers. In order to regain gags, however, Toons must collect jokes by defeating Cold Callers and Name Droppers with water balloons. Be sure to stay clear of being hit by any of the Cogs and falling filing cabinets to prevent from losing a water balloon.

Cold Caller Ice Game

Toons need to skate through the icy offices of the Cold Callers to turn up the thermostats. Cold Callers will fight back by attempting to turn the thermostats back down. To regain even more gags, Toons must collect jokes from the filing cabinets. Before continuing onto the next floor, Toons must ensure that the thermostats stay on the warmer side.

Boiler room

The boiler room of high pressure sales is where Toons face four Cogs and the boss of the Sellbot Field Office. More Cogs will continue to spawn periodically until the boss is defeated. The boss possesses unique attributes such as the ability to unlure, heal, and promote the Cogs at any given moment. Because of how tedious the battle may be, it is essential that Toons perform well in the minigames so that they can earn all their gag tracks.

Trading card

Series 4
Sellbot Field Office
To better "serve" citizens of Toontown, the Sellbots made their most sinister sales tactic yet: The Sellbot Field Office. This mobile Cog HQ strikes weariness in even the wackiest Toon, as it slowly saps silliness from the street with a no-nonsense glare. Toons who giggle their way through the Cog Offices inside will have their Laff put to the test in the Boiler Room, full of high pressure sales and a boss who makes the Toon Resistance quiver in fear.

Likes: The Evil Eye, High Pressure Sales
Dislikes: Toon HQ, The Toon Resistance


  • Field Offices from Toontown Online were originally referred to in development as "Cog-dominiums".
  • Based on several concept artworks and mentions of the game's code, Toontown Online had plans for a Cashbot, Lawbot, and Bossbot Field Office, but only the Sellbot variation was released.
    • In the code for Toontown Online, as well as in the phase files, the Lawbot Field Office was almost completely finished. However, it was never released in the game.
    • For the Cashbot Field Office, the code mentioned that Toons would have to use cranes to defeat Money Bags carrying coins to prevent them from stealing laff barrels. Furthermore, artwork for what the room could had looked like was shown.[1]
    • For the Bossbot Field Office, the code mentioned that Toons would crash a meeting and obtain destruction memos to save laff barrels. Furthermore, a rare screenshot shows a Toon golfing in what could had been an early version of the Bossbot Field Office.[2]
  • According to the Chairman's memo, Mover & Shakers would be rewarded their own Field Offices because of their great performance in Doomsday. As this was in 2014, the storyline of Toontown Rewritten may have changed since then.
  • Concepts, ideas, and new information revolving around the Sellbot Field Office were revealed during ReplayFX 2018. Attendees could access a developer server to test out gameplay.
    • More concepts, ideas, and information were revealed during ReplayFX 2019. Completed GUI elements, textures, and models, as well as an early prototype of the Cold Caller Ice Game, were mainly shown off.
  • Part of the exterior design for the Field Office was inspired by the Field Office from the discontinued Toontown 2.0 prototype.[3]
  • The Cold Caller Ice Game was inspired by a piece of Toontown Online concept art that depicts an icy office for Cold Callers.[4]

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Cogdominiums start at a whopping 500,000 Cogbucks per week. So yes, the housing market is rough for the Cogs. There's a reason they work nearly 24/7!


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