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This page contains information about content that has yet to be released to Toontown Rewritten. Read ahead for an exclusive look at what could potentially make its way into Toontown, but beware the possibility of misleading information or spoilers!
Sellbot Field Office

A Field Office is a special variety of a Cog Building that incorporates brand new minigames and a boss battle that offers new challenges for end-game players. Unlike ordinary Cog Buildings, a Field Office can take over the Toon Headquarters in all districts of a specific location, and will require the help of many Toons in order to defeat that Field Office. The first addition of a Field Office will include the Sellbot Field Office that could be released sometime this year or in 2020.

Plans for new content revolving around the Sellbot Field Office will consist of brand new ToonTasks and laff points. The rewards that Toons receive after defeating a Field Office, however, is unknown.


  • Field Offices from Toontown Online were originally referred to in development as "Cog-dominiums".
  • Based on several concept arts and mentions of the game's code, Toontown Online had plans for a Cashbot, Lawbot, and Bossbot Field Office, but only the Sellbot variety was released.
    • In the code for Toontown Online, as well as in the phase files, the Lawbot Field Office was almost completely finished. However, it was never released in the game.
    • Ideas for a Cashbot Field Office were revealed. The code mentioned that Toons would have to use cranes to defeat Money Bags carrying coins to prevent them from stealing laff barrels. Furthermore, artwork for what the room may have looked like was shown before.[1]
    • Ideas for a Bossbot Field Office were also revealed. The code mentioned that Toons would crash a meeting and retrieve destruction memos to save laff barrels. Furthermore, a rare screenshot shows a Toon golfing in a supposed early Bossbot Field Office.[2]
  • According to the Chairman's memo, Mover & Shakers would be rewarded their own Field Offices because of their great performance in Doomsday. As this was in 2014, the storyline of Toontown Rewritten may have changed since then.
  • Sneak peeks of the brand new Sellbot Field Office were revealed during ReplayFX 2018. Attendees could access a developer server to test out gameplay.


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