"There ain't no party like a Toontown party 'cause a Toontown party won't stop! At least, that's what I thought three years ago when I hosted The Greatest Party in the Tooniverse. I've always been known as the Toon Trooper who could never get anyone to attend my parties or plays, but that's all turned around."
―Fat McStink[src]

Fat McStink, who goes by Jeremy as his real life alter-ego, is a co-founder and former member of the Toontown Rewritten Team. Jeremy co-founded Toontown Rewritten alongside Sir Max, who goes by Joey as his real life alter-ego, in late 2013. Jeremy left the team in March 2020 after dedicating almost 7 years to one of his favorite childhood games.

During Jeremy's time as a staff member, he played a vital role on the technical side of Toontown Rewritten. This not only included the deployment of bug fixes and updates but the maintaining of the entire game's systems and databases.

For the longest time, Fat McStink was a Toon Trooper and was nicknamed the "Ultimate Party King" after holding the first ever party in Toontown Rewritten. Fat McStink was one of very few Toon Troopers whose identity was not anonymous, as it is typical for Cast Members to keep their identities a secret. In the later years of the game, Fat McStink hung up his party hat and assumed the identity of a regular staff member- as illustrated by the blue eyes icon.



  • Jeremy's account was the first ever account created on Toontown Rewritten. In addition, Fat McStink was the first ever Toon created on Toontown Rewritten. His avatar identification is 1.
  • Fat McStink made his first debut in the blog post, "Daily Alpha Update: To Sling or not to Sling".
  • Along with Joey, Jeremy ran a Toontown community website called "Toonbook" before Toontown Online announced closure in which they both decided to assemble a development team and bring Toontown back.
  • Fat McStink held the first ever party that would be known as "The Greatest Party in the Tooniverse". In the credits scene of the Toon Council Presidential Elections, he was labeled as "Ultimate Party King".


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