Factory Foreman
Factory Foreman
Basic information
Type: Sellbots
Lowest level: 9
Highest level: 9

The Factory Foreman is a level 9 Skelecog at the end of the Sellbot Factory. Since it is a Skelecog, it can be any of the following Cogs: Mover & Shaker, Two-Face, The Mingler, or Mr. Hollywood. A Toon may be able to tell because of the way the Skelecog is shaped or what attacks it uses. For example, one will be able to tell it is a Mover & Shaker if it uses Quake.

It can have the various attacks of certain Cogs depending on which one it is, listed above. It is accompanied by other high-level Sellbots.

Defeating the Factory Foreman and his surrounding companions (these Cogs vary and are not always the same) awards you either a Sellbot Cog Disguise part, or merits.


  • The Factory Foreman is the only level 9 Cog boss. However, the Factory Foreman, the Mint Supervisor, the District Attorney's Clerk, and the Club President are not actually "bosses"; they are simply Cogs with different names.
    • This Cog can be four different Skelecogs in total, though it varies every time a Toon visits the Sellbot Factory. This is also the only facility boss that can change Cog rank.
    • To get to the foreman in the factory, a Toon must unlock the Center Silo door by hitting two switches located on the West Silo and the East Silo.


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