Evidence is an item that Toons use to throw at the scale in order to fight the Chief Justice in the Lawbot Courthouse. The Toons can either throw the evidence at the scale or use them to stun the Cogs for a very short period of time. The Cogs will also throw evidence at their scale at an attempt to bring the Toons' scale up. When all the Cogs are stunned by evidence, a bonus will apply to the evidence where they become heavier for 20 seconds, allowing the Toons to bring their scale down quicker. Should a Toon run out of evidence, they can head back to Bumpy Bumblebehr to collect more at any time.


  • In the real world, evidence is a body of available information indicating whether a belief is true or not.
  • Although Bumpy Bumblebehr carries an infinite amount of evidence, he only offers 22-38 pieces to the Toons at a time.
  • Strangely, the model of the evidence looks like an open book when thrown, rather than a simple piece of paper. However, the icon reveals a scroll-shaped piece of paper tied up.


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