An estate is a Toon's home. Each account has six houses, one for each Toon created on the account. The color of the house corresponds to the color of the Toon panel in the Toon selection screen. Estates also contain a pond to go fishing. Despite not having a fisherman, a fishing bucket is available near the pond for convenience purposes.



A Toon's house.

A Toon's house is where a Toon lives. Right outside of any Toon's house, there is a mailbox. In the mailbox is where their items from Clarabelle's Cattlelog are delivered. In a house, a Toon can find a telephone, a wardrobe, an accessory trunk, a Jellybean Bank, a bed, and other furnishings that can be purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. A house has two rooms and two windows, which can be decorated with new backdrops and styles via Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Toons can visit other Toons' houses; however, they must be friends before they can enter. If a house does not contain a name listed, it means a Toon has not been made for that house to be taken over.



A Toon's mailbox.

Mailboxes are used to receive items bought from Clarabelle's Cattlelog, items given from a friend, invitations to Toon Parties, or rewards given by the Toon Council. Mailboxes keep the items inside until the Toon removes the items or discards them.


Main page: Doodles

Doodles are two-legged creatures that are used as pets. Once adopted, the doodle will remain in the Toon's estate, where their owners or other players that teleport into the estate can feed and take care for the doodle. Toons can be healed by doodles using special SpeedChat Plus phrases known as "tricks". A doodle can either heal Toons, or get confused and do nothing. The more a doodle successfully performs a trick, the more health the corresponding trick will regenerate by that doodle.

In a Cog battle, during the Toons' turn, players are able to summon their doodles via the SOS interface, and choose which trick to use. Same as performing tricks in the estate, a doodle can get confused when summoned for battle. Performing the trick properly, however, gives laff points to all Toons in the battle, not just the owner.


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A Toon gardening at their estate.

Gardening is an activity where Toons can grow flowers and gag trees. Once they have bought a gardening kit from Clarabelle's Cattlelog, they can start gardening. A wheelbarrow is located at the southern part of the estate, near the yellow house. Toons can sell their flowers in the wheelbarrow for jellybeans. Toons can use the flower beds to grow flowers for a laff boost, and use the piles of dirt around their respective house to plant gag trees to make organic gags.


  • This is one of the few locations where music is not present.
  • Popsicles appear in a Toon's estate and heal their laff meter by two laff points.
  • All the houses on an account are the exact same on the inside, unless the furniture was either: moved, added or taken away.
  • There used to be an airplane flying around in the estate at all times before it was removed. Now only an airplane with a witch riding it would appear during Halloween.
  • After the Live release, a fishing bucket was added to allow for convenience selling. Prior to the release, Toons were required to return to the playground and sell their fish to the fisherman or pet shop. 
  • A game on Roblox known as "Meepcity", which is heavily influenced by Toontown, has similar models to that of the Toontown estate.


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