Elevators are used to get Toons or Cogs from one floor of a building to another.


4-Toon elevators


The elevator music in Cog Buildings

The standard and the most common type of elevators is the 4-Toon elevator. It is found in Cog Buildings' entrances, and is used to get Toons from one floor to the next. 5 circles above the door indicate the number of floors and the floor at which the Toons are currently in. A special elevator music is played when entering an elevator, and stops playing when the elevator levels with the next floor. Each floor has 2 elevators: an exit elevator, from which Toons enter the floor by leaving the previous elevator; and an entrance elevator in the opposite side, from which Cogs enter the floor to fight the Toons, and from which Toons get to the next elevator after clearing the current one.

4-Toon elevators are also found in the Sellbot Headquarters, Cashbot Headquarters, and Lawbot Headquarters to get Toons to the corresponding Cog facility without creating a boarding group. In the District Attorney's Office, they are also used to get Toons to the following floors. The door from which Toons exit the elevator resembles real-life elevators.

A trolley game called Toon Escape uses a 4-Toon elevator, where Toons need to get to the elevator before the time runs out.

Field Offices have elevators as well, but they have yet to be implemented in the game.

8-Toon elevators

8-Toon elevators are exclusively found in Cog HQs, and are used to enter the battle against the corresponding boss without creating a boarding group. The room in which 8-Toon elevators are placed can only be entered by Toons with a Cog Disguise of the same Cog type (with the exception of Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters, an event in which Toons could enter the Vice President battle without a Sellbot Cog Disguise).

Vertical platforms

In the Sellbot Factory, platforms are used to get Toons to the top of the silos at the end of the factory course. The first platform is located on the outer side of the West Silo, and the second is found in the middle of the East Silo.

They move upwards and downwards with 7 seconds, and have a 6-second delay between changing direction. Toons may only board or depart the platform during its stationary state delay.

The podium of the Chief Justice works similarly. However, the difference is that it only moves upwards and remains that way until the end of the battle.


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