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Duck is one of eleven Toon species that players may create when entering Create-a-Toon.

Head and beak

Ducks have four distinct head and beak sizes.

Toon-Duck2B.pngToon-Duck2A.png Toon-Duck3B.pngToon-Duck3A.png Toon-Duck1B.pngToon-Duck1A.png Toon-Duck4B.pngToon-Duck4A.png
Small head, small beak Small head, big beak Big head, small beak Big head, big beak

Notable ducks

For a full list, see Category:Ducks.

Notable ducks include Slappy, Samantha Spade, Loopy Loopenloop, and Doctor Dimm.


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Two words
Multiple words


  • In real life, ducks have webbed feet. In Toontown, however, ducks have normal feet since all Toons share the same leg model.
  • Strangely enough, there are no nostrils on the duck's beak, despite ducks having nostrils in real life.