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As the clock continues ticking and time runs by, things may start to become irrelevant within Toontown Rewritten. This page seems to have information on content that had been removed from Toontown.
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Double Experience Weekend

October 10, 2014 - October 12, 2014

Double Experience Weekend was an event that occurred from October 10, 2014 (Friday) to October 12, 2014 (Monday). This event resulted in gags getting double the amount of points when fighting Cogs. Because there was a day without playing Toontown, the staff members of Toontown Rewritten hosted this event to make up for it.

Toon Resistance

The Toon Resistance received word of Double Experience Weekend and their goal was to join in the fun with all Toons by hosting another special event. Toons who kept battling the Cogs and defeating Cog Buildings were rewarded the Cog-Crusher outfit. This event lasted the same exact days as Double Experience Weekend.

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