Slappy's Doomsday Survivor Shirt
Slappy's Doomsday Survivor Shirt Back
Doomsday Survivor
Basic information
Event: ToonFest 2014
Code: Dont-be-wacky

Doomsday Survivor is a shirt that can be obtained by Toons who created an account before June 2, 2014 by entering the code, "dont-be-wacky". This shirt is a modified version of Slappy's regular shirt with a newly designed texture.


  • This shirt was released during ToonFest 2014.
  • As long as a player is eligible for this shirt, they can enter the code at any time on any Toon within their account. The code never expires.
  • This shirt, along with another shirt, is a very rare item as it only pertains to Alpha testers and a few Beta testers.


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