Doomsday Survivor Flippy
Flippy's Doomsday Survivor Shirt
Basic information
Event: Doomsday
Code: 150px
Flippy's Doomsday Survivor Shirt is a shirt item released during ToonFest 2014 for all Toons who had created an account before June 2, 2014.


Location Available from Available until
Codes September 20, 2014 Still Available


  • This shirt resembles the shirt that Flippy wears with more features.
  • Slappy's Doomsday Survivor Shirt was released alongside Flippy's Doomsday Survivor Shirt for the same purposes.
  • Flippy's Doomsday Survivor Shirt and Slappy's Doomsday Survivor Shirt are the two rarest items in the game, since they were only released to Alpha Testers.
  • Despite the fact this is meant for Alpha Testers, Beta Testers who joined before Semi-Open Beta get this and Slappy's Doomsay Survivor Shirt as well.


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